Seattle Public Schools


Capital Projects and Planning

Photos above, left to right: New Wing Luke Elementary School, modernized and expanded Daniel Webster School, and modernized and expanded Daniel Bagley Elementary School.

SPS Capital Projects and Planning Department

The Capital Projects and Planning Department supports student success and the district’s Strategic Plan by creating welcoming and safe schools. Our work covers major projects such as school replacements, and other construction work such as replacing heating and cooling systems, roofs, or playgrounds.

  • We design buildings that support the learning conditions and instruction that lead to academic success.
  • We build healthy and safe environments for each school community.
  • We work with school staff and parents to make sure each school meets the particular needs of the school community as well as the district’s educational specifications.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Opening of new James Baldwin Elementary School (formerly Northgate) for 2023-24 school year — a replacement project. Phase 2 to construct play areas is underway.
  • Opening of the renovated North Queen Anne School, home of the Cascade Parent Partnership school.
  • Opening of new Kimball Elementary School for the 2023-24 school year — a replacement project.
  • Opening of Viewlands Elementary School for the 2023-24 school year — a replacement project.
  • Opening of the expanded and renovated West Seattle Elementary School for the 2023-24 school year.


All new school buildings constructed using the 2019 BEX V capital levy and beyond are fully electric and do not include any infrastructure for fossil fuels.

In 2021, the Seattle School approved Board Resolution 2020-21-18, which committed SPS to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy with the goal of improving student health and the creation of more sustainable and equitable communities.

The resolution called for a Clean Energy Task Force which has made recommendations on how to meet the stated goals. Currently, work is underway to develop those recommendations into an actionable plan.

Previous School Board Resolutions:

More information on resource conservation

Capital Levies

Voter-approved capital levies are the primary way SPS pays for new school buildings, major renovations, and major preventative maintenance.

Planning is in progress for the next capital levy, Building Excellence VI (BEX VI), which is expected to be on the ballot in February 2025.

Recent Capital Levies

Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics Capital Levy V (BTA V) is a six-year $783 million levy providing funds for projects that improve our school buildings, technology for students, staff, and teachers, and changes to support academic achievement. It also funds school playground and playfield improvements, and replacement of the stands at Memorial Stadium. This levy was approved in 2022, with a 78% approval. BTA V expires in 2028.

Building Excellence V Capital Levy (BEX V) a six-year, $1.4 billion levy that modernizes or replaces eight aging schools, plans for the future, invests in technology, and improves building systems and athletic fields. It was approved by Seattle voters in 2019. BEX V expires in 2025.

Current Construction Projects

Five major construction projects are underway: replacement of Rainier Beach High School, replacement of Mercer International Middle School, modernization of the gym and construction of a new addition at Alki Elementary School, an addition and modernization of the landmarked building at Montlake Elementary School, and replacement of John Rogers Elementary School.

Each summer, multiple projects take place while school is out to minimize disruption to the learning process.

Planning has begun for an addition at John Muir Elementary School, an addition and modernization at Aki Kurose Middle School, and replacement of Sacajawea Elementary School.

In addition, SPS has partnered with the City of Seattle to replace Memorial Stadium.

All current projects.

Construction projects that are $5 million or above in estimated construction costs are part of the Student and Community Workforce Agreement (SCWA). The SCWA supports business objectives and prioritizes career development, training, and employment for SPS students.