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Change of Address

Have you moved?

If you have recently moved it is important to update your address with Seattle Public Schools. If you do not update your address with the Admissions department, it may result in your student(s) being dropped at the end of the school year.

Changes to our Superintendent Procedures for Student Assignment. Revisions Approved by the School Board Effective for the 22-23 School Year.


  • Students who move out of their school’s attendance area may now remain at the current school to the highest grade offered. Assignment will not change upon processing change of address form unless families request to be reassigned to their new boundary school.
  • Resident students who move out of the district may remain at the current school to the highest grade offered (as long as a Choice Transfer Request form is submitted prior to the start of the following school year).

Will my Student Change Schools?

With the new 2022-23 policy revisions above, students may change school assignments or stay at their current school through the highest grade offered. In general, students may remain at their current assignment if they move outside of their attendance area school but within SPS through the highest grade offered. Otherwise, they may change to their new attendance area school upon submitting their new address change information for this school year or starting next school year.

In all cases, reassignments are subject to any special education services a student may require in the event the special services provided currently is not available at that school the following year. Detailed move rules are available in the Superintendents Procedures for Student Assignment 3130 SP. Visit the policy and procedure webpage to read the procedure; Move Rules Chart

Change of Address

Please use the form below to change your address with the district.

Process to update your address:

  1. Open the Address Change Form Document in your preferred language linked below.
  2. Add your information to the PDF and save.
  3. Submit your completed form in the online form below.

Access the Address Change form with this link if it is not appearing below

Report a False Address

We take many steps to ensure that our enrollment system is fair for all families. If you believe that a family has used an address other than the student’s place of residence to unfairly gain admittance to a school, please contact our office.

When reporting a false address, please provide as much information as possible, including:

  • Student Name
  • Parent/Guardian Name(s)
  • School Attending
  • What makes you think they are using a false address?
  • Where do you believe they are really living? (Any address and/or phone number information is helpful.)

We will investigate each report to the extent possible, and whatever information you can provide will assist us in this review process.

If we determine that an address was falsified in order to obtain an assignment to a particular school, the student’s assignment (and/or waiting list status, if applicable) is subject to revocation.

We know that reporting this information may be uncomfortable. However, we want families to feel confident that the same rules and standards are being applied in all situations, and that means requiring accurate address information from all families. Every effort will be made to keep this information confidential; however, we cannot guarantee confidentiality.

Additional Information:

Claims of false addresses are investigated using a variety of methods, including the possible use of SPS Security Staff to observe and report on an address in question. These observations help us verify or refute a student’s residence.

There are several factors which may allow a student to remain in their currently assigned school, even if they do not currently reside at the address provided. These may include Federal or State laws which protect certain classes of students, or Seattle Public Schools Board Policy which may allow assignment due to Special Education, English Language Learner, Safety Restrictions, or other services a student requires.

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