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Rainier Beach Levy Projects

Building for Learning logo with school house and text "Building for Learning"Here you will find an overview of work completed at Rainier Beach funded by school capital levies.

Levies are a primary funding source for construction, renovations, safety and security upgrades, major maintenance, classroom technology and technology infrastructure, academics support projects and athletic field and track improvements.

Seismic Report : The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Earthquake safety/seismic improvements projects are funded through the voter-supported Building Excellence (BEX) and Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) capital levies. Visit the Capital Projects webpage to read the most recent report.

BEX V Capital Levy: Approved 2019

The Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy will fund replacement of Rainier Beach High School. The existing performing arts center will be retained. It will also provide technology equipment and services, such as computers, peripherals, printers, and other technology for teaching and learning. Read more about this project.

BEX III Capital Levy: Approved 2007

Modernization project completed in September 2008.

  • Library relocated and expanded to 8,000 square feet
    • Solatube skylights and wall removal to enhance daylight
    • Gathering areas for small and large groups/classes
    • New computer lab
    • Soft seating areas for quiet reading
    • Former computer lab and career center converted to classrooms
    • Former library book stack converted to classroom
  • New career center in former first floor library space with adjacent research library
  • Culinary Arts program space upgrades
    • Full commercial kitchen added
    • Minor upgrades to residential kitchen
    • Separate dining area shared between classroom use and teacher dining
  • Science classroom upgrades
  • New flooring, lighting, and ceiling tiles in hallways
  • New energy-efficient windows on east side
  • Masonry and roof repairs
  • Restrooms upgrades
  • New electrical and mechanical systems

BEX I Capital Levy: Approved 1995

New Performing Arts Center and partial renovation.

About BEX

The Building Excellence (BEX) Capital Levy funds projects such as those that modernize or replace aging buildings, fund technology for student learning, address earthquake and safety issues and major preventive maintenance needs throughout the district.

Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) at Rainier Beach


  • Modernized 4 science classrooms. (BTA III)
  • Built out Skill Center. (BTA III)
  • Replaced boiler burners. (BTA II)


  • Replaced athletic field turf and upgraded track. (BTA III)
  • Made site improvements including installation of ADA-compliant ramp. (BTA III)
  • Installed energy-conserving fan and pump motors. (BTA III)


  • Completed final phase of hot and cold waterline replacement (BTA II)


  • Completed phase 2 of hot and cold waterline replacement (BTA II)


  • Completed phase 1 of hot and cold waterline replacement (BTA II)


  • Modernized girls locker room (BTA II)
  • Made upgrades for energy efficiency (BTA II)


  • Made seismic improvements (BTA I)
  • Upgraded fire alarm system (BTA I)
  • Made improvements for Arts and Sciences (BTA I)


  • Upgraded athletic fields (BTA I)
  • Completed work under Accelerated Technology Improvement Program (BTA I)


  • Installed wide area network (BTA I)
  • Replaced gym athletic scoreboards (BTA I)