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Rainier Beach High School Replacement Project

About the Project

Rainier Beach High School will be replaced with a new four-story high school of approximately 297,000 square feet. When completed, it will provide permanent space for 1,600 students grades 9-12. Students will remain on-site during the phased construction. A regional Skills Center is being incorporated into the project as well as a district data center. The project is being built with aspirations of a LEED Platinum certification.

Funding Source: Funded by the Building Excellence V Capital Levy (BEX V), approved by Seattle voters in 2019 and the Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics V Capital Levy (BTA V), approved by Seattle voters in 2022.

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construction phase graphic showing that the school is in the Construction phase
Learn about each project phase
  • Predesign phase complete
  • Schematic design phase complete
  • Design development phase complete
  • Construction documents/permitting phase in progress
  • Bid and award phase complete
  • Phased construction: April 2022-December 2026
    • Phase 3 in progress
    • Estimated move into western 70% of new building: January 2025
    • Phase 4, construction of Performing Arts building expected completion June 2026
    • Phase 5, field installation expected completion December 2026.

Project Designs

Architects renderings of the new school

drawing of a large three story building with a walkway leading to it between trees
New main entry
a drawing of a site plan that includes a building and playfields
Site plan for replacement project
drawing of an interior hallway
Theater lobby
drawing of a gym with bleachers and orange and blue accents
drawing of common area with windows looking out from the floor above
Dining commons looking toward gym
large common area with dining tables and stairs; a room with glass windows looking out toward below says LIBRARY
Library and dining commons
drawing of a track and field in front on of a large building
Track and field
drawing of a small group area with a room next to it that has blue walls
4th floor small group area
drawing of a walkway with railings that look down to the floor below
4th floor commons looking down
drawing of an open space with seating and a wall mural
3rd floor east commons
drawing of a library with bookshelves and seating
Library located on 2nd floor
drawing of dining commons with lunch tables
1st floor dining commons

Project Progress

Progress updates are posted for the previous month.

April 2024

The gymnasium roof is now complete. All the other construction work continues including exterior sheathing and finish materials, including masonry brick installation. The interior spaces are starting to take shape with metal wall framing, insulation, wall board, and utilities going in.

The same work will continue in May as well as beginning casework in the skills.

Live Webcams and Project Progress Photos

View the webcams to see the project live.

These slides show the project as construction proceeds.

a small building inf ront of construction debris and light poles
Phase 2 – Demolition of the grandstands – Summer 2022
a large room with risers has construction debris in the center
Phase 2 – Demolition to create a temporary locker room for use during construction – Summer 2022
construction equipment in front of a building
Phase 2 – Selected demolition of existing buildings – Summer 2022
a truck with a tall drill attached and people working
Phase 1 – Installing geothermal wells for heating and cooling – Summer 2022
a drilling rig stands above a field of dirt covered in straw. trucks are in the photo
Drilling geothermal wells at the existing baseball field – Sept. 2022
a person stands in a trench with a ladder in the trench nearby
Connecting geothermal wells located beneath the future practice field
trucks with tall things attached in a dirt field
Beginning installation of rammed aggregate piers – Oct. 2022
a large frame work is being installed over an area with large rocks
Installing temporary construction tent – Dec. 2022
a tall drill machine with a person in a hard hat stands in a muddy field
Geothermal well installation continues – Dec. 2022
metal forms stand on edge in dirt under a giant tent with lights. construction workers are using equipment
Trenching and rough-in for deep underground utilities – Jan. 2023
yellow mesh covers some areas of a gavel covered ground next to canvas walls
Future location of east electrical room – Feb. 2023
a vast spread of a rebar cage with workers adding more
Rebar is prepared for the concrete slab foundation
concrete mixer trucks lined up on a drive way among mud puddles
42 cement trucks delivered about 415 cubic yards of concrete – April 5, 2023
two cement mixer trucks are backed into openings in a large white tent
Two trucks at a time into the tent – April 5, 2023
a worker in a safety vest and hardhat is smoothing concrete in a large flat area
Concrete must be leveled and smoothed after placement – April 5, 2023
under a large tent, white waterproofing material has a stack of electrical conduit placed in a guie frame with rebar beneath it
Waterproofing, rebar, and electrical conduit for inside of concrete slab foundation – March 2023
a grid of rebar inside concrete frames under a large tent
Preparation for concrete for mat slab 4A – April 2023
workers installing rebar in a pit under a big tent
Placing rebar and utility conduit on the waterproof membrane April 2023
a grid of rebar is at the bottom, a group of workers in hardhats and safety vests stands in the center, a concrete pump is in the back with a large tent structure over it all
Pouring additional foundation mat slabs – May 2023
rebar formed into tall grids sits in foreground on top of a white material. a large tent is in the background
Rebar installation for another mat slab for the foundation – May 2023
a crane is lifting a large frame piece from a structure of pipes
Disassembling the construction tent – May 2023
a steel frame is being built on top of a concrete floor. a crane is on the left side
Steel erection began on the east part of the new school – August 2023
a steel frame has a large delivery trailer in front of it with bent steel on it
Steel erection underway with steel stair sections being delivered – August 2023
steel framing for a building with a crane
Four floors of steel erected; new gym will attach to this structure – Sept. 2023
A building under construction with a few people
Placing concrete slabs on metal decking – Sept. 2023
A group of men in orange vests and helmets working on a construction site
Starting roof on Skills Center building – Sept. 2023
a four story steel frame for a large building with construction cranes, lifts, and other machines
South side of new 4-story classroom building which will overlook the football field – Oct. 2023
metal framing in progress on a large steel framed building
Exterior metal framing on Skill Center part of classroom building – Oct. 2023
a concrete truck is pumping concrete to the third floor of a steel framed four-story building under construction
Placing concrete on the 3rd floor metal deck – Oct. 2023
a large flat surface has a crane in the background, workers spread around, and a lot of orange construction standards
Work underway on the roof – Oct. 2023
A building is wrapped in white material with a hole for a door.
Skills center building wrapped in weatherproofing to allow exterior work to continue – Nov. 2023
inside a large building under construction with no walls yet
Installing light gauge metal stud framing and hollow metal door frames – Nov. 2023
two workers in construction safety equipment are on a lift holding green sheets of material against studs
Beginning placement of water resistant wall board – Nov. 2023
a four-story steel frame rises above the soil at a construction site
Classroom building steel structure and metal decks complete – Dec. 2023
a four story frame of building has part of it wrapped in white material at a muddy construction site
Exterior metal stud framing on the north side of the classroom building – Dec. 2023
two workers on a lift are moving green wallboard into place on steel frames on an indoor construction site
Gypsum wallboard installation – Dec. 2023
a concrete floor with steel framing and a view out the side showing it is up high
Fourth floor concrete slab on metal deck complete – Dec. 2023
looking out through structural steel framing with metal studs on a building under construction
Exterior metal framing installation for the gymnasium – Feb. 2024
a large stairway under construction in a building under construction
One of the central stair sections through the atrium – Feb. 2024
a two story interior space under construction with large pipes in the ceiling
Skill Center aerospace metal shop space – Feb. 2024
a room with a window has wallboard that is taped but not painted and construction equipment in the room
First floor classroom prepared for paint primer – Feb. 2024
exterior of a 2, 3, and 4 story building under construction with materials in the foreground
View of south side looking east – Feb. 2024
a 4-story building under construction has metal framing and the bottom floor has yellow sheathing
South side of the new building – March 2024
Interior of a building under construction with metal framing. metal ductwork pieces are stacked on the floor
Interior framing continues, looking into main building from gymnasium – March 2024
a room with two large windows is under construction with pink insulation around the windows and metal framing on the right wall
Classroom in progress – March 2024
a four story building under construction with metal framing and some yellow wall covering. two lifts and workers are visible
Exterior framing on the west side of the new building – March 2024
part of a larg building with openings for windows. workers have stacks of bricks next to them as they install them
Masonry installation started on north side – Apr. 2024
a building under construction has yellow material and plastic on it. a red track is in front.
View of the south side of the new building with the gym on the left – Apr. 2024
inside a building under construction with metal framing. a lift has a person lifted two the ceiling of the multi-story space
Preparing for ceiling painting and wallboard placement – Apr. 2024
an angled yellow wall with plastic framing with workers on scaffolding
Exterior deck overlooking the bleachers and football field – Apr. 2024

Community Involvement

School Design Advisory Team (SDAT)

Early in the design process, representatives from the school community come together to form a school’s SDAT. SDATs typically include school and district staff, parents, students, and community members. The project construction managers also take part. Due to the timing of the Rainier Beach SDAT, meetings were held virtually. Read more and review the meeting minutes.

Project Team

Design Firms: Bassetti Architects/Moody Nolan

Project Management Firm: Parametrix

General Contractor: Lydig Construction

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Parametrix Manager: Paul Popovich,, 253-208-7831

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