Seattle Public Schools

Rainier Beach

School Design Advisory Team

Rainier Beach High School SDAT

Seattle Public Schools created the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) process to allow each school community to have input into renovation of or construction of their school building. This process provides a means of integrating a school’s vision and educational goals into the design within the structure of the district Educational Specifications (Ed Specs). The result is refinement of the Ed Specs to create school designs that support each school’s educational goals.

The SDAT is composed of members of the school and community who help guide the design process by advising how the building design can align with the culture and educational needs Rainier Beach High School. This group works closely with the district’s project manager, and the architects for the project. They will participate in a series of workshops and tours.

The SDAT will identify the vision, philosophy, and objectives of the school and community, and provide a consistent and diverse voice for user groups in the pre-planning phase of project design. Information gathered in this process along with Technical Support Group Review information will help create the site-specific educational specification that will inform the architectural design team.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and meeting limitations, Rainier Beach High School SDAT meetings are virtual.

SDAT Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1 Minutes 

Meeting 2 Minutes 

Meeting 3 Minutes 

Meeting 4 Minutes 

Meeting 5 Minutes

Meeting 6 Minutes

Meeting 7 Minutes

Meeting 8 Minutes

SDAT Members

  • Naj Ali
  • Michael Bethea
  • Geoff Bolan
  • Gloria Briggs
  • Robyn Busch
  • Dwayne Chapelle
  • Kevin Curtis
  • George Foster
  • Rhonda Goodrich
  • Pam & Andrew Heyman
  • Lanita Hill
  • Marty Jackson
  • Aaron Jefferson
  • Gary Ladd
  • Ron Little
  • Steven Miller
  • Sarah Moges
  • Elizabeth Moore
  • Karla Nyquist
  • Betty Patu
  • Virginia Patu-Bethea
  • Sarah Pritchett
  • Nicolas Ragland
  • Angelina Riley
  • Kelly Rolon
  • Gian Rosario
  • Kieth Smith
  • Deborah Stanley
  • Laura Stuart
  • Savali Taamu
  • Angie Thomas
  • LaNita Thomasson
  • Autumn Tocchi
  • Grace Wedgwood
  • Patrick Yolian

Project Team

  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Lydig Construction
  • Bassetti Architects
  • Rule Seven
  • Moody Nolan Architects
  • Site Workshop