Recent Completed Projects


Leschi Elementary School Classroom Addition

A four-classroom addition completed in summer 2022.


construction progress graphic showing school Open
Learn what happens during these phases
  • Predesign phase complete
  • Schematic design phase complete
  • Design development phase complete
  • Construction documents and permitting complete
  • Bid and award phase complete
  • Construction complete
  • Addition opened September 2022

Project Photos

a brick building with scaffolding and construction materials
Installation of exterior brick masonry underway – June 2022
part of a building with bricks partly installed
Classroom windows on the first floor plus brick masonry installation – June 2022
a scaffolding in front of windows with brick partially around them
Exterior brick laid around the 1st floor window openings, May 2022
people on a scaffolding putting brick on a building
Installing the exterior brick on the north side of the addition, May 2022
a large room with unpainted drywall
Drywall installation complete in 2nd floor classroom, May 2022
ducts connect to a machine
Piping and duct work connected to the heat pump in the attic, May 2022
one side of a building under construction
North side of the addition – April 2022
wood forms set into the ground
Form work for new concrete retaining walls, stair, and ramp to addition – April 2022
interior of a building under construction
Ground floor of addition with insulation and duct work going in – April 2022
interior of a room under construction
Insulation, vapor barrier, and wall board being installed on the 2nd floor of the addition – April 2022
interior of a room under construction with studs and electrical lines
Interior view of 2nd floor – March 2022
a partially buillt 2 story building with plastic over the entry
Weather-resistant barrier on the exterior of new addition – Mar. 2022
workers installing a roof under a blue sky
Roof installation – Feb. 2022
a room under constructon has metal conduit and other materials stacked in it
Materials staging for installation – Feb. 2022
a partially constructed 2 story building addition attached to a brick wall
Floor walls and decking installed, west side of new addition – Dec. 2021
a partially finished interior with wiring runs up the wall studs and across the ceiling joists
Electrical runs in new addition – Dec. 2021
a building under construction with a one story partial building attached to an existing 2-story building
Addition second floor decking complete – Nov. 2021
a one story building addition under construction is attached to a brick building
1st floor east side classroom wall framing complete – Nov. 2021
a peaked roof of a building has plastic protecting the interior and steel columns in front of it
All four structural steel columns erected – Nov. 2021
wood walls in front of an existing building with mud in front
Exterior wood walls erected – Oct. 2021
a wood wall with windows cut out
Windows cut into walls for the classroom addition – Oct. 2021
a partially framed building with a concrete floor
Wood framing, bracing, and truss installed – Oct. 2021
a building with a wall removed and Tyvek sheathing installed
Prep work where addition will attach to existing school – Sept. 2021
a building with the siding removed and low concrete rectangle walls
Concrete stem walls – Sept. 2021
a building with the siding removed and wood forms for concrete stem walls
Concrete stem walls with forms in place – Sept. 2021
a playground with a play structure and children
Playground moved to new location in preparation for addition – Aug. 2021
site plan drawing showing existing school and buiding addition
Project site plan
a 2-story brick building with a construction digger
North side of new addition with brick installed – Aug. 2022
concrete stairs and ramp under construction
New stair and ramp rails along north side of addition – Aug. 2022
a large empty room with cabinets
Casework installation in a classroom in the new addition – Aug. 2022
entry doors between two walls
New main entry doors near administration in existing building
a 2-story building with brick exterior and a door in the center
Landscaping and sidewalks in progress – Sept. 2022
an asphalt area with a fence and stairs
New asphalt patch on upper playground with new stair rails – Sept. 2022
small plants in front of a brick building with soil in front of the garden area
Landscape plants and irrigation for the bioswale – Sept. 2022
a downspout on a brick building with a drainage area below
Downspouts lead to catch basin – Sept. 2022
bike racks inside a fence by a brick building
New covered bike rakes on southeast side of new addition – Sept. 2022
a brick building with a partially planted garden
Planting and installing irrigation – Oct. 2022
a bike rack in front of plants with a brick building
Bike rack installed at front of campus – Oct. 2022

About the Project

The two-story four-classroom new addition relieves overcrowding and helps students succeed. The design ties into and blends in with the existing masonry school building.

The new addition is located at the north end of the existing school and includes some new landscaping, bio-filtration, and a new secure bicycle storage area. The existing playground was relocated to allow for construction of the addition.

Changes to the administration area and main entrance created a secure entry vestibule that directs visitors into the office area to increase school safety. The fire alarm system was replaced.

Creating this additional educational space has allowed preschool to return to the school.

Project Design: TCF Architecture

Construction: Bayley Construction

Project Budget: $4.4M

Funding Source: Washington State Distressed Schools Grant