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Lincoln Phase II

Lincoln High School Modernization Project, Phase II

construction phase graphic showing that the school is in the Open phase

Phase II of the Lincoln High School Modernization project completed in Spring 2023.

Project Photos

monitor glass windows on a roof
Roofing and monitor glass installation continues with water penetration test – Nov. 2021
Adding roof drains and preparing for MDF paneling in the gym - Nov. 2021
Adding roof drains and preparing for MDF paneling in the gym – Nov. 2021
people in safety vests and hats looking at demolition
Start of phase 2B demolition in gym lobby restrooms – Nov. 2021
a lift truck in front of a 2-story building that is covered in plastic film
Demolition at the southwest corner of the gym for future elevator and lobby expansion – Dec. 2021
interior demolition down to a dirt and gravel base with pipes sticking up. walls are concrete block
Demolition of the gym lobby restrooms – Dec. 2021
a trench with rebar is seen in the middle of a concrete floor with construction materials around it
Preparing for concrete at the location of the concession stand expansion – Dec. 2021
a two-story L-shaped building has plastic covering the sides where the outside has been removed
Demolition for future elevator expansion – Jan. 2022
wall with a basketball hoop
Gym finishes and equipment – Jan. 2022
a concrete block wall with a hole from floor to ceiling showing a steel post in the center
Structural steel installed for Performing Arts Center restrooms – Jan. 2022
partial view of a gymnasium with a wood floor, protective padding on lower part of wall, and skylights
Gymnasium back in use by school – bleachers and floor refinish summer 2022 – Feb. 2022
an existing wall with a trench below it that has seismic supports installed
Micropiles and grade beam at the auditorium to improve seismic safety – Feb. 2022
a room under construction with metal framing and a ladder
Plumbing rough in and framing for the gym lobby restrooms – Feb. 2022
a room under construciton with a new steel beam going from floor to ceiling
Structural steel installed in the CTE wing for seismic improvements – Feb. 2022
a large room with white boards on one wall and partial carpet in a curved space
School has reoccupied the band, choir, and orchestra rooms – Mar. 2022
metal framing in a room with a concrete floor
Framing for the locker room changing stalls – Mar. 2022
a concrete platform and wall are being demolished
Preparation for the elevator expansion for the gym and locker area
a building under construction
Upper gym roof completed with space waiting for the elevator expansion – April 2022
a tiled room is having the tiles removed
Demolition of the auditorium restrooms – April 2022
back stage area with plastic wrapping the walls and front
Demolition and hazardous materials abatement on the stage area
a worker is finishing concrete
Ramp poured for access to the CTE classroom area – April 2022
workers are lifting steel into place in front of windows
Erecting brace frames in the CTE classrooms – April 2022
interior of a construction site
Micropile installation complete to improve seismic safety – April 2022
people working with machines on a roof
Roof replacement on CTE area, May 2022
duct work in the ceiling of a large room under construction
Duct work being installed in CTE space, May 2022
a brick masonry column in front of a building
Walls for the elevator shaft in the CTE area complete, May 2022
brick partly installed on the ground level of a building exterior
Brick installation outside of the east lobby, May 2022
a room under construction with some cabinets
Casework in the east lobby, May 2022
a concrete truck is pumping concrete
Pouring the concrete site walls at the courtyard, May 2022
steel being installed in the outside corner of a building
Structural steel installation for the elevator addition – June 2022
a corner with windows on each side
East gym lobby masonry complete for ticket window – June 2022
a red tiled wall with pipes
Tile installed in gymnasium basement – June 2022
a concrete walkway leads to glass doors
Concrete installation for northwest entry complete – Aug. 2022
a counter with cabinets behind it and appliances
New east lobby concessions stand – Aug. 2022
a walkway with metal beam arches leads to a door
Exterior painting in progress – Aug. 2022
red lockers with a bench in front
Locker benches installed – Aug. 2022
white board and low lockers in a room with red walls
Whiteboard and tackable wall surface in gym basement
concrete exterior stairs with metal railings
Railing installed – Sept. 2022
red chairs and stools, and black tall tables sit by a brick building with windows
New courtyard furniture – Sept. 2022
an empty trophy case with windows behind it
New trophy case – Sept. 2022
Metal sinks and drainboards in a room
Kitchen equipment delivered for CTE area – Sept. 2022
trees and low plants are in a garden between two concrete walkways
Final planting in process – Sept. 2022
two block walls with a concrete floor that has cuts in it
Layout and preparations for new wheelchair lift in the auditorium – Sept. 2023
a concrete planter in a concrete pad
Planting orange sedge in the courtyard bio-retention planter – Oct. 2022
small plants are enclosed by a concrete curb next to a brick wall
Landscape plants at the northwest corner of the auditorium – Oct. 2022
a large room with three stoves with counters between them and metal wall racks behind them
Appliances installed in Career and Technical Education food and nutrition lab – Oct. 2022
metal framing below a balcony under construction
Framing work in auditorium – Oct. 2022
a raised frame has metal where a floor will go
Corrugated metal decking installed on west mezzanine in auditorium – Oct. 2022
workers in a room under construction
Installing corrugated metal decking, west entrance vestibule of auditorium – Oct. 2022
metal framing along a ceiling and down sides
Framing the stage proscenium wall in the auditorium – Nov. 2022
wall framing in a large space with folding seats
Framing the northern radius wall in the auditorium – Nov. 2022
a fuzzy beam and a metal framed ceiling
Framing the ceiling beneath the east mezzanine in the auditorium – Nov. 2022
meal wall and ceiling framing with wood above the ceiling framing
Framing the ceiling beneath the west mezzanine – Nov. 2022
concrete stairs leadnign to an unfinished space
Concrete steps and wall and ceiling framing at the auditorium west entrance vestibule – Nov. 2022
a large open space has rigging grids with lights above
Installing the rigging for the auditorium stage – Dec. 2022
a black metal spiral staircase goes from the floor level to raised area under construction
Installing the spiral staircase for the west mezzanine in the auditorium – Dec. 2022
a stage area under construction with an opening out to theater seats
View from the stage to the audience with wallboard work in progress – Dec. 2022
rebar in a wooden frame slopes up beside a wall. theater seats are next to the structure
Installing rebar reinforcement in the formwork for the auditorium ramp – Dec. 2022
a concrete floor behind theater seats has a short wall on three sides with a grid inside
Installing the auditorium accessible seating area – Dec. 2022
white tile walls with three toilet stalls on the left
Installing ceramic tile and toilet stall partitions in north auditorium restroom – Dec. 2022
a large space has a partially installed floor
Stage flooring installation in auditorium underway – Jan. 2023
construction area in a black room with a sprial staircase
Spiral stairs and handrail intalled on west mezzanine in the auditorium – Jan. 2023
a small room under construction
Installing light fixtures in auditorium scene shop – Jan. 2023
a metal handrail on a concrete bulkhead
Handrail installation on accessible ramp in auditorium – Jan. 2023
an auditorium with theatre seats with construction workers on the stage
Painting the auditorium ceiling and installing loud speakers – Jan. 2023
a mobility lift is shown next to a short set of six stairs with black walls around both
Mobility lift installed in west vestibule of auditorium
a grid of rigging hardware is shown above a stage with a view of the auditorium audience area
Rigging hardware installed above the stage – Feb. 2023
a large room with theatre style seating in three sections and a carpeted floor
Carpeting in the auditorium seating area – Feb. 2023
a black floor has black walls and theatre rigging lights above it
Stage painting complete – Feb. 2023
a group of people look at commercial size stainless steel cooking equpiment
Equipment training in the CTE food and nutrition lab – Feb. 2023
a covered walkway has workers on ladders while painting fence frames
Painting exterior fence frames at east entrance to gym – March 2023
a stage with lighting in the ceiling has blue curtains
Stage curtains installed – March 2023
an auditorium with light brown seats looks toward a stage where two people are in the spotlight
Main auditorium stage curtain from seating area – March 2023
a view out into a auditorium with rows of light colored seats with dark walls, doors, and a control booth on the back wall
Auditorium complete – view from the stage – March 2023
three people stand in a control booth with computers - a window looks out to auditorium seating below
Theater lighting controls training – March 2023
an auditorium view from the front with tiered rows of theater seats
View of the completed auditorium from the stage – April 2023
a view from behind theater seating toward a stage with a white curtain being installed at the the top
Reinstalling the Cyclorama on the stage – April 2023

About the Project

This project is the second part of the Lincoln High School modernization project. It included voluntary seismic improvements to the east buildings on the campus, added in 1959. It also included improvements to the gymnasium, performing arts center/auditorium, and Career & Technical Education classroom.

The first part of the Lincoln modernization was completed in 2019, allowing the school to open as a new attendance area high school in Fall 2019.


  • Voluntary seismic upgrades
  • ADA-compliant accessibility upgrades
  • Locker room renovation
  • Roof replacement

Auditorium, Performing Arts Center, and CTE

  • Voluntary seismic upgrades
  • ADA-compliant accessibility upgrades
  • Interior upgrades
  • Roof replacement

Design : Mahlum Architects

Construction : Lydig Construction

Construction Management: CBRE Heery, Inc.

Project Budget: $29.0M

Funding Source: Funded by the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy, approved by Seattle voters in 2019.