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Asa Mercer International Middle School Replacement Project

About the Project

The existing Asa Mercer Middle School building will be demolished and a new mass timber multi-story middle school building of approximately 174,000 sq. ft. constructed. Once complete, the new school building will provide permanent space for 1,000 students in grades 6–8.

The new one- to three-story school will be surrounded by landscaping and outdoor learning spaces. A synthetic turf practice field is planned for the east side of campus. A new, secure entry will welcome students, families, and the community with a clearly defined “front door” to the school.

Classrooms will be organized by academic neighborhoods, with flexible support spaces to promote a sense of community and support academic success for all students.

Sustainable design features are built in to meet district goals for clean energy and renewable resources.

Funding Source: Funded by the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy, approved by Seattle voters in 2019.

Interim Location: During construction, Mercer International Middle School will be located at the Van Asselt School Interim Site, 7201 Beacon Ave. S.


construction phase graphic showing that the school is in the Construction phase
Learn what happens during these phases
  • Pre-design phase
  • Schematic design phase
  • Design development phase
  • Construction documents/permitting phase
  • Construction phase in progress
  • School opens Fall 2025

Current Designs

This site plan below shows the planned layout for the campus and new school building. North is at the top of the image. The west boundary at 16th Avenue S. is to the left. S. Columbian Way is at the bottom.

site plan for a large space with a building, trees, and parking
drawing of the corner of a 3 story building with stairs leading to it
Design view of looking toward the entry from corner of S. Columbian Way and 16th Ave. S
drawing of a courtyard in the corner of two parts of a 2 story and 3 story building
Architects’ drawing of courtyard outside of classroom building
a large open 2 story interior space looking down over learning stairs to the floor with lunchtables
Architects’ drawing of the Commons
2 rooms with green walls have windows looking out to a common area with a pillar in it
Learning commons between 2 classrooms

Project Progress

Live Video of Project


a building under construction with steel truss being installed for the roof and some wood wall framing in place
Steel truss erection for the gymnasium roof – Apr. 2024
a row of frames made of columns and beams with steel on the ground in front
Glulam columns and beams installation – Apr. 2024
a crane is lowering a large sheet of wood onto a wood frame of a building under construction
Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) installation for the corridor – Apr. 2024
a partially framed building has a wood ceiling resting on wood beams and posts
Looking along the corridor spine on the 2nd floor – Apr. 2024
a steel structure surrounds a framework
Learning stairs support steel structure installation – Apr. 2024
a building is under construction with large cross-laminated timber beams and tibler posts
Timber frame installation – Mar. 2024
wood framing for a building under construciton
Framing in the south section where they
a building is being framed with wood
Timber frame with cross-laminated timber in the entry area – Mar. 2024
a backhoe moves soil at a construction site
Backfilling and compacting soil at the location of the classroom building – Feb. 2024
a concrete pump truck in the background with workers and a concrete slab in the foreground
Pouring a grade beam for the main entry – Feb. 2024
aerial view of a construction site that is still mostly flat and has some equipment on it
Looking southwest from webcam 1 – Feb. 2024
a trench with multiple lines of electrical conduit in it
Underground electrical new future boiler room – Nov. 2023
a trench with large pipes in it
Underground plumbing – Nov. 2023
a large construction machine is on a field of soil that has large round holes in it
Drilling aggregate piers – Oct. 2023
a tall metal structure is attached to the back of a truck with part of it in the ground. two workers are next to it.
Drilling geothermal wells – Oct. 2023
a large expanse of soil with construction vehicles. there are evergreen trees in the background.
Looking south – Oct. 2023
an excavator digging a hole
Installing deep stormwater and sanitary sewer – Sept. 2023
a construction site with construction equipment and trees
Demolition of former school building now complete – Sept. 2023
an expanse of concrete leads to two partially demolished buildings - one on each side - each has an excavator doing demolition
View of the demolition from the old parking lot – August 2023
a partially demolished building that is part brick. the brick part remains
Demolition of the east wing of the old building – August 2023
a partially demolished building. the remaining part of the building is two stories with a series of arched roofs
Demolition of the west wing of the old school – August 2023

Construction Update

Project updates are posted for the previous month.

April 2024

Steel trusses were installed for the gymnasium roof. Framing continues using glulam wood columns and cross-laminated timber (CLT) decking. Interior walls are going up. Work continued on geothermal wells and concrete foundations.

May 2024

The concrete slab for the gymnasium will be poured and work will continue on framing and interior walls.

Project Team

Construction Management: Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc. (SOJ)

SOJ Construction Manager: Justine Kim,, 206-838-3706

School Design: Bassetti Architects

General Contractor: Cornerstone General Contractors

Project Address

1600 S. Columbian Way, Seattle, WA 98108