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Neighborhood Updates

Mercer International Middle School

Each month, the project team prepares a neighborhood update that is mailed to neighbors.

October 2023

Neighborhood Update October 2023

Greetings neighbors and happy October! As you may have noticed, the building demolition is complete, and the Mercer Middle School project is now focused towards finishing the building pad and geothermal well drilling so that the foundations can start off smoothly. As part of that process, we will begin foundation improvements mid-month, and shortly after we will start underground plumbing and electrical installations. Site storm drainage continues to move along to get as much installed before the weather proves to be too challenging to continue.

As was the case with September, large volumes of trucks are entering and exiting the site. All truck drivers and equipment operators are trained to make eye contact with pedestrians, bikers, and vehicles as they enter the roads, so please don’t be shy. Give them a wave and say “hi” so they know you’re there!

Next month, the concrete foundations and waterproofing will kick off. Stay tuned for next month’s update!

September 2023

Neighborhood Update September 2023

Thank you to all the neighbors who came out to the site to say “hi” at our meet-and-greet!! This month, the Asa Mercer Middle School Replacement Project will wrap up demolition of the existing building, which is a big milestone. In addition, the building pad and site will begin to take form as the excavators and bulldozers work to establish the new subgrade and building footprint, and to install some of the site utilities (like storm, sewer, and water). Of note: along 16th Ave. S., the site storm drain and sewer lines will be installed, largely within the fenced area. However, with connection points from the project site into the right of way and into storm and sewer lines in South Columbian Way, some traffic control and flagging will be necessary. With all this earthwork With all this earthwork activity, a large volume of trucks will be entering and exiting the site. Truck drivers and equipment operators are trained to make eye contact with pedestrians, so please don’t be shy. Give them a wave and say “hi” so they know you’re there!

Next month, the project will begin foundation improvements and geothermal well drilling–stay tuned more on this in next month’s update!

Good To Know

Each update includes this Good To Know general project information.

Working Hours: Standard work hours are 7AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday. However, we may need to work additional hours on the project, including at night and on weekends. In all cases, working hours will be in full compliance with City of Seattle ordinances.

Noise & Vibration: All activities will comply with City of Seattle noise ordinance. Please note that backup alarms are required by Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) and cannot be turned off.

Deliveries: The main project delivery is off of South Columbian Way. Deliveries off 16th Ave. S. will be limited, on a case-by-case basis.

Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control (TESC): The project includes controlling all stormwater per the required TESC plan to ensure only clean water leaves the site.

Onsite Conduct: All employees are required to adhere to Cornerstone’s and Seattle Public Schools’ jobsite conduct policies, which are strictly enforced.

Construction Team Contact Construction Team Contact Information: Denny Wilson, Matt Everett, Cornerstone General Contractors, Inc. 425-481-7460