Seattle Public Schools

West Woodland

School Design Advisory Team

West Woodland SDAT

Seattle Public Schools created the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT)process to allow each school community to have input into renovation ofor construction of their school building. This process provides a meansof integrating a school’s vision and educational goals into the designwithin the structure of the district Educational Specifications (EdSpecs). The result is refinement of the Ed Specs to create schooldesigns that support each school’s educational goals.

The West Woodland Elementary SDAT includes the school principal and other staff,teachers, parents, and a service provider.This group works closely with the district's project manager, and thearchitects for the project. They participated in a series ofworkshops and tours.

Goal. The SDAT will identify the vision, philosophy,and objectives of the school and community, and provide a consistentand diverse voice for user groups in the pre-planning phase of projectdesign. Information gathered in this process along with TechnicalSupport Group Review information will help create the site-specificeducational specification that will inform the architectural designteam.

Meeting Minutes