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Other Construction

2023 Summer Construction Projects

Most school construction projects are funded by voter-approved capital levies. Additional funding may be provided by grants.

While major school construction projects — school replacement, modernization, and additions — take multiple years, smaller projects are scheduled during the summer break to avoid disruption to teaching and learning.

Often termed summer projects because of the timing, most of these projects are also referred to as systems projects because they involve part of the school building’s systems: heating and ventilation, safety, security, windows and doors, roofing, electrical or plumbing, playgrounds and other site improvements, exterior cladding (siding, painting, repairs), and seismic improvements for earthquake safety. 

Projects starting in summer 2023, or that are underway, are funded by the 2022 Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics V Capital Levy (BTA V), the 2019 Building Excellence V Capital Levy (BEX V), and the 2016 Buildings, Technology, and Academics IV Capital Levy (BTA IV).

You can also view projects from recent previous years.

Concord Elementary School

Install ramp for accessibility and make related improvements.

Eckstein Middle School

Project 1: Repair roofing and flashing to extend the life of the roof.

Project 2: Replace bleachers in gymnasium

Franklin High School

Project 1: Replace heat pumps and improve ventilation

Project 2: Gymnasium improvements: Refresh wood floors, replace and update scoreboards, and add divider curtains

Project 3: Power system upgrades: Replace electrical transformers to improve safety and prepare for future electrification of boilers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ingraham High School

Replace bleachers in gymnasium.

Lowell Elementary School

Install ceiling fans for classroom comfort.

Madison Middle School

Install new artificial turf with cork infill. Replace track. Install field lights.

Roosevelt High School

Make exterior cladding repairs.

Schmitz Park School

Make seismic improvements for earthquake safety.

View Ridge Elementary School

Install ceiling fans for classroom comfort.

Washington Middle School

Replace bleachers in gymnasium

West Seattle High School

Install new artificial turf at field near gymnasium.