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Alki Elementary School Addition and Gym Modernization Project

Interim Location for Alki Elementary School

Alki Elementary School has relocated to the Schmitz Park School interim site for the 2023-24, 2024-25, and 2025-26 school years.

Address: 5000 SW Spokane Street

Alki Community Summer Celebration

drawn images of people walking in a green field with yellow flowers. a kite is above a tree. kids are on a swing. one child is pushing another who is using a wheelchair. an adult with a beard is walking a german shepherd dog. See below the image for all of the words on the image

The whole Alki community is invited to a fun event hosted by the Alki Community Council in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Thursday, June 20, 5–8 p.m. at Alki Playfield

  • Food for sale from Alki restaurants.
  • Live music | yard games
  • Local nonprofits and Seattle departments
  • Provide feedback on the new playground design next to Alki Elementary
  • And more!

Posted as a courtesy. This is not a Seattle Public Schools event. If you have questions or want to get involved, please email

Share your thoughts about the Park improvements (link takes you away from SPS website). Survey link.

Learn more about the playground project.

About the Project

Most of the existing Alki Elementary School will be removed. A multi-story 75,000 square foot replacement school will be constructed and the existing gymnasium will remain and be modernized. The existing Seattle Parks department community center will remain.

Funding: This project is funded by the Building Excellence V Capital Levy (BEX V), which was approved by Seattle voters in 2019.

Designed for current and future students

The new Alki will provide an equitable learning environment for up to 500 K-5 students with inclusive spaces to support its diverse community of students and families. The facility will be constructed of materials and systems that will stand the test of time and  last 75 years or more.

The new building will meet district educational standards for elementary schools, tuned to the site-specific needs of the Alki community. Input gathered from the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) — an advisory group consisting of school leaders, students, parents, and community members — ensures that the design reflects and honors the school personality, identity, and society

The design puts a priority on being easy to navigate for students, staff, and parents. It includes an inviting “front porch” at the new entrance facing the park boulevard, which will enhance connections to the community and park.

Safety and security

Visitors will enter through a secure main entrance that invites you into the administrative office for check-in before entering the school. All other doors will be locked during the school day.


The new Alki Elementary is being designed to work toward the district’s goals for clean energy and renewable resources and includes the installation of solar panels.

The project will have:

  • Daylight in all classrooms and learning spaces
  • Highly efficient heating and fresh air ventilation

Construction materials include cross-laminated timber (CLT), a material that reduces the carbon footprint of the whole project.

The Energy Use Index (EUI) for the project is pending with a goal of 15-18.


construction phase graphic showing that the school is in the Construction phase
Learn what happens during these project phases
  • Pre-design phase complete
  • Schematic design phase complete
  • Design development phase complete
  • Construction documents/permitting phase in progress
  • Bid and award phase in progress for rebidding selected bid packages
  • Early construction activities in progress
  • Planned school opening: September 2026

Project Progress


a large construction machine with tracks has a giant drill bit and is screwing it into the ground between two metal posts
Installing wall piles for the retaining wall – April 2024
large metal posts approximately 12 feet tall are lined up along a hillside and workers are putting giant wood slabs between them
Installing lagging for the new retaining walls – April 2024
a brick wall on the left faces a partial wall made of steel posts and wood slabs on the right. a house is visible on the hill behind the right side wall
Lagging installed for the new retaining wall, looking north – April 2024
a truck labeled "Seattle Tree Care" sites next to a slop with vegetation and houses above. A machine arm is visible reaching for vegetation
Clearing landcape for new retaining wall – Mar. 2024
Aerial view of a large lot with ponding and grass next to a building
Current conditions with grass and temporary erosion control to keep water out of the building – Jan. 2024
a pond of water sites amid grass near a 2-story building. there is an orange construction fence visible.
Temporary erosion control working to avoid run-off of rain water – Dec. 2023
an open area has grass with an orange temporary fabric fence
Hydro seeded grass to help control runoff – Nov. 2023
2 workers in construction vests and hats hold hoses while standing in a dirt field. part of the field has a green material on it.
Installing hydroseed to protect the site during the construction pause – Oct. 2023
a graded dirt field in front of a two story building
School site cleared and graded looking toward gym – Sept. 2023
a back hoe demolishing a building floor
Demolition revealed part of an old floor – Sept. 2023
exterior of a building with workers on a lift
Sealing and protecting the existing gym after the school building was removed – Sept. 2023
an excavator is on top of a pile of concrete rubble emptying into a container on a truck
Separating and removing demolition debris – August 2023
an excavator is crushing a brick building. There is a person on a lift spraying a hose. There is rubble on the concrete in the foreground
Demolition of the main building, looking east – August 2023
an excavator is crushing a wooden building while a person sprays a hose at it
Demolition of the portable with dust control with hose – August 2023

Project Update

March 2024

This month, the contractor will resume construction on the retaining and shoring wall at the southeast corner of the project site. The permit for this work was issued by Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) in August 2023. The work was paused due to the wet winter weather.

Work will include:

  • Temporary erosion control (TESC) measures.
  • Cultural resources monitoring during excavation.
  • Clearing of existing landscaping.
  • Preparing for the retaining/shoring wall.
  • Building of the retaining/shoring wall.
  • Excavating for the stormwater vault.
  • Backfilling soil for the retaining/shoring wall.
  • Other work as needed for this permitted portion of the project.


  • March 18-March 31: Landscape clearing and preparation work.
  • April-May: Construction of retaining/shoring wall.
  • May 28: Departures hearing.

The Departures process is still in progress. School building construction cannot begin until the Departures process is complete and a building construction permit is issued. Alki Elementary School is still expected to reopen for Fall of 2026.

Current Designs

The drawings below show the current designs for the school.

drawing of an aerial view of a large building with a mechanical penthouse. a space above it has colored blobs on it and is marked "parkway." Beyond that, a the top of the image is an area marked Seattle Parks and Rec Alki Playground
Architect’s drawing of the planned school – June 2023
architect drawing of a 3 story brick building corner with a breeze way entrance to the left
Potential view of the west side of the school
architects drawing of a 3 story brick building with windows and doors on ground floor and a paved area with people in front
Potential view of the welcoming entry
architect drawing of a person standing in front of a whilte board with younger people sitting at tables
Potential view of a learning area
architect drawing of people sitting in front of a wall of windows
Potential view of the library windows
architect drawing of a large space with a door and a stairway
Potential view of the central stair
architect drawing of large space with lunch tables
Potential view of the commons/dining area
an architects drawing of a classroom with an adult and a child at a white board
Potential classroom

Community Participation

The Capital Projects and Planning department values insight and input from the school community and neighbors when planning a construction project, beginning with the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) process.

Multiple tools are used including email, mail, flyers, posters, signage, community meetings, and the project web page. Summary of all communication and engagement during the Alki Elementary School planning process.

School Design Advisory Team (SDAT)

Early in the design process, representatives from the school community come together to form a school’s SDAT. SDATs typically include school and district staff, parents, and community members. Students are sometimes included for all or part of the process. The project construction managers also take part. Learn more about the Alki Elementary School SDAT.

Project Team

Design Firm: Mahlum Architects

General Contractor/Construction Management Firm (GC/CM): Cornerstone General Contractors

Project Manager: Brian Fabella,, 206-252-0702


For questions or comments about the project, please use our online feedback form

Alki Elementary School Project Site Address

3010 59th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

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