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Wing Luke Capital Levy Projects

Building for Learning logo with school house and text "Building for Learning"Here you will find an overview of work completed at Wing Luke funded by school levies.

Capital levies are a primary funding source for construction, renovations, safety and security upgrades, major maintenance, classroom technology and technology infrastructure, academics support projects and athletic field and track improvements.

Seismic Report : The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Earthquake safety/seismic improvements projects are funded through the voter-supported Building Excellence (BEX) and Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) capital levies. Visit the Capital Projects webpage to read the most recent report.

Building Excellence (BEX) at Wing Luke


Levy Approved : 2013

The BEX IV Capital Levy was approved by more than 72 percent of Seattle voters in 2013. 

Budget : $43.2 million

Opened in 1971, Wing Luke has several major systems and structural challenges. The building will be removed and replaced with new elementary school building. The existing Wing Luke Elementary School will be replaced with a new school building, which was designed in close collaboration with the school community.

Read more about this project.


Levy Approved : 2001

The $398 million Building Excellence II (BEX II) was approved by Seattle voters in 2001 to replace the expiring BEX I Capital Levy. It paid for renovation or new construction of schools throughout the district.

Project Description

Portables were replaced with a new classroom wing and a cafeteria/auditorium.

  • Building Size: 50,518 gross square feet
  • Capacity: 450 students (grades K-5)
  • Site Size: 6.4 acres
  • Total Cost: $6.4 million
  • Completion Date: June 2005
  • Architect: Architects BCRA Tsang
  • Contractor: Commercial Structures, Inc.

About BEX

The Building Excellence (BEX) Capital Levy funds projects such as those that modernize or replace aging buildings, fund technology for student learning, address earthquake and safety issues and major preventive maintenance needs throughout the district.

Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) at Wing Luke


In 2004, Seattle voters approved the BTA II capital levy. The levy funded nearly 700 facility improvement projects and technology upgrades at every school in the district. 

  • 2011 : Made exterior improvements and upgraded interior. Made upgrades to comply with ADA. Upgraded mechanical equipment to increase energy efficiency.
  • 2006 : Waterline replacement


The $150 million Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics (BTA I) capital levy was approved by voters in February 1998. BTA I funded more than 465 small and large facility projects at every school in the city. The projects included safety and security upgrades, roof and window replacements and technology and athletic field upgrades.

  • 2000 : Reroofing, Technology

About BTA

The Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) Capital Levy supports the district’s long-range plans to upgrade and renovate aging school facilities and address enrollment growth.

The BTA IV Capital Levy was approved by voters in 2016. Seattle Public Schools will receive these levy funds from 2017 through 2022.