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Visual and Performing Arts

Online Arts Lessons

Visual & Performing Arts Online Lessons

Visual and performing arts teachers have created videos and lessons that you can do at home. They are in music, theatre, and visual art. Students can do them independently or with someone else. The lessons require minimal materials – things you can find in your home.

In addition, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture created an online video series with teaching artists through our joint initiative, The Creative Advantage. To see the full series, visit Creative Advantage Online Arts.

How much art should I do?

  • Students should engage in 60 minutes of any arts discipline per week to meet elementary standards in the arts. You can always do more!
  • Making art doesn’t have to happen all at once as students can create in small 10-minute sections or stay with it for as long as they like. 

Explore. Engage. Have fun!

Singing and General Music

Songs, Games, and Reading:

Patterns in Music:

Make a Musical Instrument:



Singing From Your Diaphragm with Erica Merritt: Learn why it is important to sing from your diaphragm with teaching artist Erica Merritt. This lesson includes a breathing game and song.

Preparing to Sing with Erika Merritt: Learn how to prepare your face and body for singing. This lesson includes facial exercises and what to do with feelings of being nervous and anxious when singing in front of others. This lesson is great for learners of all ages, particularly youth grades 3-8.

Articulation in Singing with Erica Merritt: Learn exercises to increase articulation, the formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech or song, using your tongue, jaw, teeth and lips when singing so that every word you sing can be understood. This lesson is great for learners of all ages, particularly youth grades 3-8.

Elementary Instrumental Music

Select your instrument and find video lessons (and have fun)!

Lesson 1: Finger Fluidity and Precision – Finger Fluidity and Precision Video 
Lesson 2: – The G Note – The G Note Video and The G Note Lesson PDF
Lesson 3: – The Low A Note – The Low A Note Video and The Low A Note Lesson PDF 
Lesson 4: Articulation – Articulation Video and Articulation Lesson PDF
Lesson 5: Eighth Notes – Eight Notes Video and Eighth Notes Lesson PDF

Theatre and Movement

Visual Art

Concept: Shape, Line, and Texture

Concept: Balance and Symmetry

Online Learning by Creative Advantage Partners

When schools closed Spring 2020, Creative Advantage arts partners got to work to ensure that youth (and adults too) get arts learning while at home.

Arts Corps : Live youth arts events and pre-recorded on-line lessons for all ages in multiple disciplines, including a daily YouthSpeaks writing prompt

Bayfest Youth Theatre : Theatre and dance lessons

Coyote Central : Lessons in sculpture, painting, origami, writing, culinary, film-making

KUOW RadioActive : Radio stories by area youth made during the pandemic

MoPOP : K-12 lessons in crafting, fantastic creatures and social activism

Moving Minds Dance : Keep dancing at home!

Seattle Opera : Opera Time for kids, ages 2-7

Seattle Theatre Group : Videos led and created by STG Teaching Artists and offer a variety of genres including dance, music, and musical theatre.

STYLE : Weekly read-aloud lesson with original soundtracks.