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School Board Directors Sworn In

Summary: Evan Briggs and Gina Topp, along with incumbents Liza Rankin and Lisa Rivera, won four of the seven seats that were up for grabs on the School Board.

School Board Welcomes New and Returning Members

Four directors will take the oath of office for the Seattle Public School Board of Directors on November 29, 2023.

Evan Briggs, representing District 3, and Gina Topp, representing District 6, were elected to their first term in the November 2023 election. 

Liza Rankin, representing District 1, and Lisa Rivera, representing District 2, were reelected for their positions in the same election.

The Seattle School Board is an elected body of seven citizens who serve four-year terms and represent geographical regions within the city of Seattle.

A blanketing ceremony was held for departing board directors Chandra Hampson and Leslie Harris in honor of their service and contributions to our community.

Director Rankin poses for a photo

District 1: North Seattle

Liza Rankin will continue to represent District 1, which includes schools in the northernmost part of Seattle, between Golden Gardens to the west and Magnuson Park to the east. This is her second term; she was first elected in 2019.

Director Rankin was born and raised in Seattle, and is a graduate of Seattle Public Schools. Read more about Director Rankin and see a list of schools in District 1.

District 2: Northwest Seattle

Lisa Rivera smiles for a photo

Lisa Rivera will continue to represent District 2, which includes schools in the Wallingford, Fremont, Green Lake, Greenwood and Maple Leaf neighborhoods. Director Rivera was first elected in 2019.

Director Rivera is a mother of three. She has spent many years as an advocate for progressive causes, and as a volunteer for educational, environmental and service organizations. Read more about Director Rivera and see a list of schools in District 2.

District 3: Northeast Seattle

Director Evan Briggs smiles for a photo

Evan Briggs will represent District 3 in Northeast Seattle, including Sand Point, View Ridge and Bryant.

Director Briggs is a dedicated educational advocate and community leader, deeply invested in transforming Seattle’s school system. As a mother of three students in Seattle Public Schools (SPS), she understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities within our educational landscape. Read more about Director Briggs and see a list of schools in District 3.

District 6: West Seattle

Gina Topp smiles for a photo

Gina Topp will represent District 6, which includes West Seattle and South Park.

Director Topp is a dedicated lawyer, education advocate, and proud West Seattle mom. She is a catalyst for positive change in Seattle’s educational system. Read more about Director Topp and see a list of schools in District 6.

School Board Directors Dec. 2021

Posted: Dec. 2, 2021

Summary: Directors Song and Sarju begin a four-year term in November 2021. Director Hersey begins a second term of service.

Three school board members pose for a photo.

Three directors took the oath of office for the Seattle Public School Board of Directors on November 30, 2021.

Vivian Song, representing District 4, and Michelle Sarju, representing District 5, were elected to their first term in the November 2021 election. Brandon Hersey, representing District 7, was elected for a second term in the same election.

Before the swearing in ceremony, SPS students and community members offered words of thanks to departing board directors Zachary DeWolf and Erin Dury on November 17. The former members were presented with gifts and certificates of appreciation for their service. 

After swearing in the most diverse School Board the district has ever had, Superintendent Brent Jones urged the leaders to leverage their diversity.

“Together we’ll deliver on our commitments to students and families to provide safe and welcoming schools and high-quality instruction,” he said.

District 4: Northwest Seattle

Vivian Song, whose district includes Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Ballard, grew up in the public school system. She is the mother of four current and future SPS students. She is committed to serving students, teachers, and staff.

After being sworn in, Song thanked her supporters. “What we all share is a common excitement for the future, the future of our incredible 50,000 Seattle Public School students,” she said. Read more about Director Song and see a lit of schools in District 4.

District 5: Central Seattle

Michelle Sarju represents District 5, which includes Capitol Hill, Chinatown International District, First Hill, Leschi, Madison, and the Central District. She attended public schools from middle school through graduate school at the University of Washington and believes every child should have access to a high-quality public education. 

“As we embark on this journey to make Seattle Public Schools one of the best school districts in the nation … I encourage us to remember who we’re centering. We’re centering children,” Sarju said. Read more about Director Sarju and see a list of schools in District 5.

District 7: Southeast Seattle

Brandon Hersey comes from a family of educators and has dedicated his life to working with young people. He was re-elected to District 7, which encompasses Southeast Seattle. As a former teacher and newly elected president of the board, Hersey wants to give a voice to SPS students, families, and educators.

“Every student in Seattle public schools, every child in this room, every person I have gotten to meet that works in our system, they don’t even know us, but they’re counting on us. They don’t even know us, but they need us to get this right,” Hersey said. Read more about Director Hersey and see a list of schools in District 7.

Learn more about the Seattle School Board.

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