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School Board to Appoint Two New Board Members

Summary: The Seattle School Board appointed Sarah Clark and Joe Mizrahi for the District 2 and District 4 director positions on Wed., April 3.

Seattle School Board District 2 and 4 Director Appointments

The Seattle School Board is appointing new directors to fill District 2 and District 4 director vacancies.  The District 2 and District 4 director positions were vacated through resignations effective Feb. 2, 2024.  

Clark and Mizrahi Appointed

Sarah Clark was selected for the District 2 seat, which covers Ballard, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge and Green Lake. Joe Mizrahi was chosen for District 4, which includes Fremont, Queen Anne, South Lake Union and parts of downtown.

Sarah Clark

Pronouns: She/Her
Director District 2

Sarah Clark

I have deep roots in District two, having lived here most of my life (29 out of 39 years). I have relationships with many families in the district, and have mentored many children who have graduated from Ballard High School.

As the district two representative, I plan to grow and expand those connections and relationships so I can make decisions that are rooted in the needs of the students and families that live in the district. I plan to be intentional about this, hold office hours, attend school activities and make an effort to connect with, listen to and learn. I plan to solicit feedback using zoom, social media, email and other tools to be accessible and make informed decisions, weighing my knowledge of systems and solutions, with the needs of those students in my district.

Joe Mizrahi

Pronouns: He/Him
Director District 4

Joe Mizrahi

My primary interest in joining the Seattle School Board is based on my time and experience working with members of the community. I have lived in North Seattle for the past 15 years. Professionally, I feel like my job is, at its core, all about community organizing. I know that true community engagement is built around two simple, yet critical components: Time and Listening. As I stated in my letter of interest, my work has given me deep roots in the Seattle community where we represent close about 10,000 workers.

The majority of our membership are low-wage workers, women, and people of color. These workers are all too often overlooked by the systems that they are forced to operate in. All too often these systems don’t serve them, they impact them. Frankly, this is often most true in areas like District 4, where systems might work just fine for those with ample privilege, but absolutely steamroll over everyone else. I have spent years with these workers fighting for stable work schedules, affordable housing and childcare, decent pay, dependable healthcare, paid sick leave, and the list could go on and on. In fact, my current role at UFCW 3000 is actually an elected position, where I am grateful to be serving in my third term representing these workers.

About the Appointment Process

The Seattle School Board made the selection for the appointments for the District 2 and 4 positions during the April 3, 2024 School Board Meeting. View April 3, 2024 School Board meeting agenda.

March 27 Candidate Forum

The eight candidates who continued as finalists participated in a forum. The audience listened as finalists share why they are interested in serving on the board and answer preselected questions by the School Board and School Board Student Members. The forum was Wed., March 27, at Lincoln High School. The event was live streamed and recorded by SPSTV.

The Seattle School Board expects to have the appointed directors take the oath of office in April 2024. The legal deadline for appointments is 90 days after resignation effective date, which would be May 2. 

Under state law these vacancies are filled by the School Board through appointment. When a School Board seat vacancy occurs outside of the regular election cycle, the current board appoints a candidate to fill the vacancy until the next regular School Board election. 

To be eligible, state law requires that candidates be a United States citizen and a registered voter of District 2 or 4. 

District 2 includes Ballard, Phinney Ridge, southern Greenwood, Green Lake, Magnolia, Interbay, and adjoining areas. District 2 map 

District 4 includes Fremont, Queen Anne, Westlake, Denny Triangle, Downtown Business District, and adjoining areas.  District 4 map 

Eligibility is confirmed by King County Elections upon receipt of application materials. Candidates determined to be ineligible due to voter registration status/residency will not be considered for appointment. 

Terms for Appointment: Both appointment terms will run until November 2025. 

Subsequent terms will differ because school board elections are staggered, and the positions were last on the ballot in different years.   

The District 2 position was most recently on the November 2023 ballot and has nearly a full 4-year term remaining. The seat will be placed on the November 2025 general election ballot for election to the remaining two years of the unexpired term. Following that, the office will be up for election in 2027 for a 4-year regular term.   

The District 4 position was on the 2021 ballot and has roughly 2 years remaining. The appointment will run through the remainder of the present term. District 4 will be up for election in 2025 for a 4-year regular term. 

Responsibilities of the Seattle School Board include hiring and evaluating the superintendent, establishing policies for governing the school district, adopting a balanced budget each year, having legal and fiduciary authority for the school district, adopting instructional materials, and serving as community representatives to the district and on behalf of the district.  

School Board Directors cannot receive a salary for board service under state law. Directors do receive per diem payments of $50 per day, up to $4,800 per year, for conducting district business. 

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