Graduation Requirements

Summary: Details you need to know to help your student choose the right courses and plan for their after-school career plans.  

Seattle Public Schools Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate high school, students must complete three components: the High School and Beyond Plan, specific course and credits, and complete a graduation pathway.

Here are the details you need to know to help your student(s) choose the right courses and plan for their after-school career plans.  

High School and Beyond Plan  

(Completed in Naviance through classroom lessons) 

  • 4-year High School Course Plan 
  • Resume 
  • Career Interest Survey 
  • Educational and Career Goals 
  • Information on Financial Aid and Post-High School Applications 

Specific Courses and Credits 

High School Graduation Course Requirements 


4 credits

  • Intro to Lit 9 
  • World Lit 10 
  • American Literature 
  • Composition and Literature 


3 credits

  • Algebra 
  • Geometry 
  • Algebra 2 or 3rd Year Math 


3 credits

  • Physics/Chemistry A 
  • Biology 
  • Physics/Chemistry B or 3rd Year Science 

Social Studies

3 credits

  • World History 1  
  • World History 2 
  • World History 3 
  • U.S. History 
  • American Government (Civics) 


.5 credit

  • Health 

Physical Education

1.5 credits

  • Personal Fitness  
  • Any P.E. Course 


1 credit

  • Any Fine or Performing Art Course 

Career and Technical Education

CTE 1 credit

  • Any CTE Course 

Personal Pathway

2 to 3 credits

  • Courses a student chooses that aligns with their career goals and their High School and Beyond Plan. 


4 credits

  • Electives are any courses a student takes that are not listed above.  

Complete a Graduation Pathway Option 

Must complete at least one but can complete more. 

ELA and Math

Complete 1 option in ELA and 1 option in Math of the following exams or courses: 

  • SBA, ACT, SAT, AP ELA, AP World History, AP US History, AP US Government and Politics, AP Psychology, AP Economics, IB LA, IB History, IB Business Management, IB Psychology, College in the High School English, Running Start English or Bridge to College ELA. 
  • SBA, SAT, ACT, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Computer Science, Any IB Math Course, College in the High School Math, Running Start Math or Bridge to College Math. 

CTE Program Area

Take 2 credits in one of the following program areas: 

  • Agriculture Sciences 
  • Business and Marketing 
  • Human Services 
  • Health Sciences 
  • Skilled and Technical Sciences 
  • STEM 


Complete the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and Score 31 or higher. 

Washington College Admissions Requirements 

Many in-state colleges have automatic acceptance if students meet the requirements below and meet the college G.P.A. requirement. See colleges for details. Meeting these requirements also ensures students meet NCAA Division 1 requirements. 


4 credits

  • 3 credits must be college prep and include 1 Literature and Composition


3 credits

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2

Senior year should include 1 quantitative course such as Chemistry, AP Comp Science, etc.


2 credits

  • One credit in algebra-based science such as Chemistry or Physics

Social Studies

2 credits

  • Any social science courses


1 credit

  • Any visual or performing art

World Language

2 credits

  • Same language or pay to take them while in college

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