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Procurement and Distribution

Superintendent Staff Procedures

All District employees are responsible for adhering to School Board Policies for Procurement, as well as all legal and statutory requirements which govern procurement and the Superintendent Staff Procedures for Contracting listed below.

Procurement Policy 6220

Procedure 6220SP.A
Responsibilities for Review, Approval, and Execution of Contracts and Other Agreements
Procurement Authority Matrix

Procedure 6220SP.B
Definitions of Terms, Different Types of Contracts

Procedure 6220SP.C
Architectural and Engineering Consultant Selection

Procedure 6220SP.D
Contracting for Services

Procedure 6220SP.E
Competitive Bids for Construction Projects, Materials, Equipment, and Supplies

Procedure 6220SP.F
Miscellaneous Contracts

Procedure 6220SP.G

Board Action Memo Requirements for Contract Actions

Procedure 6221SP
Emergency Contracts