Seattle Public Schools


Business and Finance

Finance Services Division

The Finance Services Division provides various functional services to the Seattle Public Schools and its stakeholders. These functional areas include: Accounting, Audit Response, Budget, Grants and Payroll.

Vision: A solid foundation to build and support excellence.

Mission: As stewards of district resources and the public trust, the Finance Division provides stakeholders with essential information and collaboratively supports building Seattle Public Schools into a flagship school district.

Values: Integrity, customer oriented, effectiveness, teamwork and creativity.


Our goals align with the District’s four pillars:

  1. Great principals highly skilled as instructional leaders;
  2. Great teachers highly skilled in meeting the needs of all students;
  3. Families and community partners connected to our schools; and
  4. Central office staff serving and supporting schools and families.

Our primary goals include:

  • Provide timely, professional, respectful and proactive services and solutions for our customers
  • Foster an environment which develops, motivates, and values a highly skilled and talented staff working collaboratively
  • Committed to continuously improving business processes that are consistent, efficient, effective and easily understood
  • Comply with all applicable rules, regulations, requirements, policies and procedures

Current Initiatives

Some of our larger initiatives, which are directly related to our primary goals, include:

  • Manage the District’s budget development process in a fiscally challenged environment;
  • Review and update fiscal policies and procedures, and help ensure compliance with state and federal laws, Board policies, and Superintendent procedures;
  • Improve our financial reporting function.