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High School Painting

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Ballard High School

Student Artwork
This painting is my favorite place in the world. It is of the view from the beach at my family’s cabin, which has been in my family for 60 years. I was trying to portray the sense of peace that this place gives me, especially during sunset. My grandma, who is an artist, taught me the technique I used to paint the sunset colors and make them glow. I used acrylic paint on a canvas.

Mara Scanlan, 12th Grade, “Waldron Sunsets”

Adair Ernst, 12th Grade, “Two Siblings at the Piano”

Center School

Kaz Jennings, 9th Grade, “Free”

Student Artwork
Katt LaSarte, 10th Grade, “Wild West Fishing Extravaganza”
Student Artwork
Bella Lohraff, 11th Grade, “Splatter”
Student Artwork
Emma Rosenberg, 10th Grade, “October in Central Park”

Zach Locke, 10th Grade, “Bloodletting a Friend”

Jaelyn Pratt, 12th Grade, “‘Riding’ my own Dreams”

Chief Sealth International High School

Student Artwork
Ethan Tagocon, 11th Grade, “Untitled”

Evelyn Alfaro Martinez, 11th Grade, “Dying Roses”

Michelle Carranza Velasco, 12th Grade, “A Glimpse”

Mei Li Babuca, 12th Grade, “Byrdie’s Feather Extender”

Veronica Dempster, 11th Grade, “Mirror Image”

Cleveland High School

Student Artwork
Nya Spivey, 12th Grade, “Life Circles”
Student Artwork
Liora Greenwich, 10th Grade, “The World Below”

Franklin High School

Student Artwork
Mildred Skrivan, 10th Grade, “Beautiful Creatures, Plants, and Magic”
Student Artwork
Mai Linh Wong, 12th Grade, “The Blind Bird Cannot Fly”

Garfield High School

Student Artwork
Emma Moore, 12th Grade, “Untitled Portrait”

Lincoln High School

Student Artwork
Isa Poole, 11th Grade, “Tranquil Smoke”

Olivia Clemens, 11th Grade, “Untitled”

Roosevelt High School

Student Artwork
Ayden Miller, 11th Grade, “Flower Girl”
Student Artwork
Nico Mills, 12th Grade, “Untitled”
Student Artwork
Calder Tillinghast, 11th Grade, “Untitled Portrait”

Sydney Hearn, 12th Grade, “Untitled”

West Seattle High School

Sylvie Gliko, 12th Grade, “On The Road To Grandma’s”

Angelina Ly, 10th Grade, “To Befriend a Cat”