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Naramore Art Show – High School Digital

Ballard High School

Eden Hawkins, 11th Grade, "Uncanny Valley"
Eden Hawkins, 11th Grade, “Uncanny Valley”

Artist Statement: The evolution of art and technology is a strange and fascinating one. Through digital painting, an odd composition, I used a blind color palette and painted only with values. This process created the chaotic nature of the new and uncharted territory of this unlikely partnership.

The Center School

Lilah Stolder, 11th Grade, "Titled"
Lilah Stolder, 11th Grade, “Titled”

Cleveland High School

Anqi Lui, 12th Grade, "Symphony of Sea and Stars"
Anqi Lui, 12th Grade, “Symphony of Sea and Stars”
Anqi Lui, 12th Grade, "Rainwater Gaze"
Anqi Lui, 12th Grade, “Rainwater Gaze”
Anqi Lui, 12th Grade, "Flower Dance"
Anqi Lui, 12th Grade, “Flower Dance”
Joel Perez-Villanueva, 12th Grade, "A King's Dream"
Joel Perez-Villanueva, 12th Grade, “A King’s Dream”
Joel Perez-Villanueva, 12th Grade, "King Joel!"
Joel Perez-Villanueva, 12th Grade, “King Joel!”
Joel Perez-Villanueva, 12th Grade, "Joel's Prayer Beneath the Stars"
Joel Perez-Villanueva, 12th Grade, “Joel’s Prayer Beneath the Stars”

Lincoln High School

Hazel Nowbar, 12th Grade, "When the Sun Hits, She'll be Waiting"
Hazel Nowbar, 12th Grade, “When the Sun Hits, She’ll be Waiting”

Artist Statement: I wanted to show the issue of colorism through vampire allegory. Many people (esp. women of color) are told to “stay fair” in order to cater to the colorist beauty standards. The vampire girl stays under her umbrella out of necessity. She wants to be able to bask in the sun, but she can’t.

West Seattle High School

Reese Murray, 11th Grade, "Ven"
Reese Murray, 11th Grade, “Ven”

Artist Statement: I have created my own fictional world called Syro (Sun) and language called Hercana.  Ven is the dance that brings life to the land.  The word “ven”translates literally to Music or present movement, day, river or water.  

Rivilo Sharrett, 12th Grade, "Wizard Cat"
Rivilo Sharrett, 12th Grade, “Wizard Cat”

Artist Statement: Wallpaper V This is wizard cat! A musician rising in fame for his sick edm jams and his whacky gimmick of being a wizard.

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