Visual and Performing Arts

Naramore Art Show

Naramore Art Show 2021

The Naramore Art Show celebrates over 200 artworks by Seattle Public School’s middle and high school students. Naramore is a partnership with Seattle Art Museum and this year, due to COVID-19, it will be a virtual museum on our website with a celebration on SPS TV, and Instagram postings for students to show what they’ve been creating at home.

Exhibition runs:

  May 12 – June 30, 2021

Celebration on SPS TV Channel 26:
May 21 at 6 p.m.

Share student art on Instagram! Use the hashtag #artistsofsps

Watch the 2021 Naramore Celebration

Why do we call it Naramore?

Seattle Public Schools has held the Naramore Art Show since 1985 to celebrate the success of our highest achieving arts students and share their learning with our community.

Floyd A. Naramore, whose name is honored by this exhibition, was a visionary architect who invested deeply in his community and in the education of our students. He designed over 22 schools, including Roosevelt, Garfield and Cleveland high schools, and several middle school buildings.