High School Mixed Media

Naramore Art Show – High School Mixed Media

Ballard High School

Charlie Schmeising, 12th Grade, "The Hors"
Charlie Schmeising, 12th Grade, “The Hors”

Artist Statement: This is an exploration in abstract composition. Originally a first draft of a different work, instead of painting over I decided to take it somewhere else where it can stand on its own, separate from its original intentions. I believe it is my best work.

The Center School

Emma Rosenberg, 11th Grade, "Sewing Myself"
Emma Rosenberg, 11th Grade, “Sewing Myself”
Ava Gedicks, 12th Grade, "Vogue Lipstick"
Ava Gedicks, 12th Grade, “Vogue Lipstick”
Luna Aliano Parson, 12th Grade, "The Machine"
Luna Aliano Parson, 12th Grade, “The Machine”

Cleveland High School

Chu Xin Guo, 10th Grade, "VYCITY"
Chu Xin Guo, 10th Grade, “VYCITY”
Kamilah Rosas Ramirez, 9th Grade, "Quiet Days"
Kamilah Rosas Ramirez, 9th Grade, “Quiet Days”

Lincoln High School

Katie Kirshman, 11th Grade, "Untitled"
Katie Kirshman, 11th Grade, “Untitled”

Artist Statement: With this entry, I gained the ability to convey busyness through mixed media, I was forced to experiment, and it better conveyed my theme of overstimulation. I was still able to make it cohesive which worked because it showed the beauty in busyness. This project served as a catalyst for producing other mixed media projects.

Leah Hulvershorn, 11th Grade, "Seattle Paperworks"
Leah Hulvershorn, 11th Grade, “Seattle Paperworks”

Artist Statement: This piece illustrates the relationship between a child’s imagination and their environment. I used graphite pencil to draw most of the background, and I used gouache paint to paint certain elements as well as the characters.

Rainier Beach High School

Herani Zemene, 12th Grade, "1 Thousand Eyeland Ranch"
Herani Zemene, 12th Grade, “1 Thousand Eyeland Ranch”
Humaira Abdolhamid, 12th Grade, "Untitled"
Humaira Abdolhamid, 12th Grade, “Untitled”

Roosevelt High School

Lila Graddis, 9th Grade, "City at Night"
Lila Graddis, 9th Grade, “City at Night”

Artist Statement: I was inspired by the artist Barbara Earl Thomas, who cuts images into black paper and places the paper over designed backgrounds. I wanted to try this technique. I am drawn to a city at night with the bright lights of buildings contrasting dark shadows. I wanted to capture the feeling of a city at night, when you know there are a lot of people around, but you can’t always see them. You can just see lights. I wanted to focus on this one person in the scene with their own meaningful story in the larger city environment.

Ladan Farah, 10th Grade, "Untitled"
Ladan Farah, 10th Grade, “Untitled”

West Seattle High School

Ewan Kae, 12th Grade, "Broken Day"
Ewan Kae, 12th Grade, “Broken Day”
Cece Pyfer, 12th Grade, "Self Portrait"
Cece Pyfer, 12th Grade, “Self Portrait”

Artist Statement: I embroidered a mask or alternate face that I could hold in front of myself. I wanted to make sure that part of my actual face could be seen, to demonstrate the different layers of ourselves that we show to others.  My question is: “How do the lines between humanity and monstrosity and public and private personas blur? 

Zoe Goldstein, 12th Grade, "Dancing with the Stars"
Zoe Goldstein, 12th Grade, “Dancing with the Stars”

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