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Seattle School Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools is an elected body of seven citizens who serve four year terms and represent geographical regions within the City of Seattle.

It is the belief of the Board of Directors and Superintendent that they are partners in the governance team of Seattle Public Schools. Both must do their jobs well for the organization to be successful and for the governance team as a whole to be effective.

Community Engagement

Directors may hold various community meetings throughout the year. These meetings will be listed on their individual Director pages, as well as on our Board calendar.  View a calendar of upcoming Board meetings.

Work of the Board

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors include: hiring and evaluating the Superintendent; establishing policies for governing the school district; adopting a balanced budget each year; having legal and fiduciary authority for the school district; adopting instructional materials; and, serving as community representatives to the district and on behalf of the district.

Office of Internal Audit and Ethics

Under the direction of the Audit and Finance Committee, the  Office of Internal Audit and Ethics conducts audits to support and promote integrity, accountability, and transparency with respect to internal financial controls and compliance of the District.  The office also oversees the District’s Ethics/Whistleblower Program.

Policy Review

One of the ongoing responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to establish policies that guide the operation of the School District. Visit our SPS Polices and Procedures pages.

Contact info

Directors receive a high volume of email and frequently cannot respond directly. Directors often prioritize individual responses on topics overseen by their committees or received from their Director districts (please specify the Director district or relevant school).

Please be aware that written communications sent to Board Directors, including emails sent to all email addresses listed above, are potentially subject to public disclosure, in whole or in part, pursuant to the Washington Public Records Act, RCW 42.56.