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Health Education

Health Education in Seattle Public Schools

The Health Education Office of Seattle Public Schools provides health materials, support, and staff development to students, staff and families.

Mission: Our mission is to promote readiness to learn, by enhancing the social, emotional and physical well-being and safety of students so that all students can achieve their academic potential.

  • We provide pre-k-12 education and resources that honor and respect the diversity of students and their families.
  • We select and share materials that are research-based, culturally and developmentally appropriate and are aligned to Washington State standards.
  • We support curriculum projects and programs that encourage students to take responsibility for their personal health.
  • We work in partnership with students, staff, and families and welcome opportunities for community collaboration.
  • We offer education and activities that promote the equity of all students.

The Washington State Health Education Standards drive classroom content at every level. The Seattle Public Schools Health Education Scope and Sequence aligns with the State standards and is a guiding document for teachers.

The work of the health education team aims to address student mental health and wellbeing through Social Emotional Learning, LGBTQ supports, and grant funded programming. Our partnership with the CDC allows for data collection of student wellbeing, as documented below from our 2021 data of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

LGBTQ+ Support Resources

LGBTQ+ Pride flag
LGBTQ+ Support Resources

Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to supporting all students and families, including our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community.

The Health Education Office is proud to provide resources and supports to our district with the aim of creating and sustaining safe, supportive school environments.

LGBTQ+ Support Resources