American Indian Studies: Since Time Immemorial

American Indian is the legal term for the federally recognized tribes that reside within the U.S. Unlike other American ethnic groups, federally recognized tribes and nations engage in “government-to-government relationships” with federal, state, and local governments.

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For Families:

Effective September 2019, all K – 12 Seattle Public School social studies teachers are required to teach Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State (STI) at every grade, K – 12 and implement according to district policy in their classrooms: 
Seattle School Board Policy No. 0030
Seattle School Board Action Review – June 26, 2019
Unvetted materials must be evaluated for anti-Indian bias through the Native American Racial Equity Tool (NARET)
Washington state law under RCW 28A.320.170 mandates the teaching of STI and district-tribal partnerships to adapt content to reflect the history of those tribes. Our federally recognized partner tribes are:the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe  (Medicine Creek and Point Elliot treaties)
the Suquamish Tribe (Treaty of Point Elliot)

For SPS Staff

All curriculum for Since Time Immemorial, district and state requirements for teaching STI, enrichment resources, and registration for upcoming professional development can be found in our American Indian Studies Schoology Course

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Modifications & Required State Collaboration

School districts shall collaborate with OSPI on curricular areas regarding tribal government and history that are statewide in nature, such as the concept of tribal sovereignty and the history of federal policy towards federally recognized Indian tribes.