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Monthly Native American Observances

Billy Frank Jr. Day

March 9 is Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Celebration Day

Billy Frank Jr., a Northwest Native American (Nisqually) activist, played a key role in the “Fish Wars” of the 1960’s and 1970’s, resulting in a landmark decision affirming tribal fishing rights. Join us in honoring him on March 9!

The Seattle School Board will acknowledge March 9, 2023 as a day of observance recognizing and honoring the life and legacy of Billy Frank Jr.

Learn more about this influential leader in our Billy Frank Jr. collection of resources:  Billy Frank Jr. Online Collection

The Native American Education Department has curated and developed lessons commemorating Billy Frank, Jr.’s life and legacy for every grade level. All teacher materials are accessed through the internal teacher American Indian Studies webpage.

Northwest Treaty Tribes Honors Billy Frank, Jr.