Naviance Opt Out Window

Summary: Families that do not want their student to use Naviance can opt out by changing their preferences in the Source Aug. 22 - Sept. 30, 2022

High School and Beyond Planning with Naviance

Naviance is used to support our students and their families in preparing for life after Seattle Schools.  With Naviance, students can explore college and career paths, analyze skills and talents with career and personality assessments and develop plans to stay on track and reach academic goals. 

Explore What Makes You Unique The design of StrengthsExplorer® in Naviance identifies your student’s three strongest emerging talents and includes strategies for capitalizing on strengths to apply them towards success in school, career, and life.

Connect Your Interests to Careers Based on activities your student enjoys, personal qualities, and school subjects of interest, the Career Cluster Finder survey in Naviance ranks which career clusters your student might find most fulfilling.
With the Career Interest Profilerin Naviance, your student answers questions related to their career interests and receives Holland interest codes with matching careers. Careers are added to a list of favorites.

Investigate Colleges and Majors The tools in Naviance will identify colleges and majors that could prepare your student for a career aligned with their strengths, interests, and personality.

Create a plan using Naviance

  • Resume Builder – Your student keeps a log of school activities, personal awards, volunteer experience, skills, and more
  • Manage the College Application Process – Track colleges your student is thinking about and an application list – even request electronic transcripts to be sent to colleges.
  • Local and National Scholarship Database – Thousands of local and national scholarships are available for application by your student.
  • High School and Beyond Plan – Schools will be using Naviance to deliver high school and beyond plan lessons in grades 8-12. The high school and beyond plan is a graduation requirement, which helps students and counselors make sure graduation requirements are met and are aligned with identified goals.

Data Security

Seattle Public Schools takes data security and privacy very seriously.  Naviance’s policies and practices with respect to preserving data security and student privacy have been thoroughly vetted.  Per their privacy policy, Naviance may not sell or reuse student data. A comprehensive Data Sharing Agreement is in place to further ensure Naviance abides by the data security and privacy requirements outlined in this contract.

Data Fields The following data will be loaded to Naviance to maximize the effectiveness of the tool and to ensure that students receive the appropriate supports they need:  student first and last name, username, proxy ID, school, grade, date of birth, transcripts, courses, GPA, ACT/SAT scores, ethnicity, and gender.  Student groups can also be created to allow counselors to provide focused supports and interventions (e.g. College Bound Scholarship Recipients, English Language Learners, Running Start, Special Education).  To ensure confidentiality, these groups are labeled with a proxy, rather than a group name.  

Naviance Opt-Out Window Families that do not want their student to use Naviance can opt out by changing their preferences in the Source. The opt out window will be August 22 – September 30, 2022.

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