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Naviance: An Online Career and College Planning Tool

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Naviance by PowerSchool is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness tool that provides information and resources that enable students and their school counselors, teachers, and parents and guardians to collaborate on identifying and planning for a student’s life after high school.

To support the process of their High School and Beyond Planning, our 6th-12th grade students use Naviance to take self-assessments, explore career paths, search for scholarships and work-based learning opportunities, and more.

  • Naviance allows students to explore, apply to, and enroll in a post-secondary path that is a best fit for the student, based on education and career goals, learning style, and personal preferences regarding where and how they would like to continue their education.
  • Naviance equips students and their families with information on the true cost of a particular college, based on their own family income, and allows them to explore scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
  • Naviance provides easy access to information about thousands of colleges, schools, and universities both the United States and around the world, including over 110 options in Washington state.
  • Naviance eDocs supports electronic document transfer to the more than 140 member colleges and universities; plus the more than 4,000 colleges and universities that receive submissions through Parchment and Scribbles.
  • The High School and Beyond Planning process parallels the IEP Transition process using some of the following to provide data and information for the IEP Transition Team:
    • Career Key Interest Inventory (7th Grade) 
    • StrengthsExplorer Inventory (9th grade), 
    • Scholarships and Work-Based Learning Opportunities
    • RoadTrip Nation –Career Exploration Videos On-Demand​
    • T-Folio is an additional tool we use that also aligns IEP Transition and High School and Beyond Planning
    • All 6 through 12 students and their families can access Naviance, unless the family has opted their student out of the tool.

How do students benefit from using Naviance?

Students benefit from using Naviance by exploring what makes themselves unique, connecting their interests to careers, and by creating their personal plans both graduating from high school and for “beyond high school.”

Features and tools in Naviance:

  • Strengths Explorer – identifies your student’s three strongest emerging talents and includes strategies for capitalizing on strengths to apply them towards success in school, career, and life.
  • Career Cluster Finder survey – ranks which career clusters your student might find most fulfilling based on activities your student enjoys, personal qualities and school subjects of interest.
  • Career Interest Profiler – provides your student with suggestions for matching careers based on student answers to questions related to their career interests Careers are added to a list of favorites.
  • Resume Builder – Your student keeps a log of school activities, personal awards, volunteer experience, skills, and more using this tool.
  • College Application Process – Tracks colleges your student is thinking about and documents a list of in-progress college applications. Students – can request electronic transcripts to be sent to colleges they are applying to.
  • Local and National Scholarship Database – Thousands of local and national scholarships are available for application by your student.

How Students Log in to Naviance

Students log in to Naviance through the SPS Clever student portal

The student portal and Naviance can be accessed both at school and from home. Each student must know their district username and password to access the student portal. Students can contact any teacher or librarian for assistance with their district username and password. Learn more about the Clever Student Portal.

How Parent/Guardians Access Naviance

Parent/guardian access is view-only plus the ability to add colleges to your student’s prospective college list.

To request a parent account, contact the School Counseling Team and include your child’s name and school they are attending.

Note: You must have a Source account to obtain a Naviance parent/guardian account. If you do not currently have a Source account, create one by following the set up instructions.

Once you register for a Naviance account, it will remain active as long as your student is “opt in” for Naviance and enrolled in the district, you have an active Source account, and you are identified in the student information system as a parent or guardian. To request support for your Naviance account, please contact the School Counseling Team.

Resources for parents/guardians:

Alumni Access to Naviance

Graduating seniors lose access to the district’s student portal after they graduate. Graduates who would like to continue using Naviance must change their username and password in Naviance before July 15. This will enable alumni to access Naviance directly at

Naviance Support During the Summer

If you need help over the summer, submit a request through Let’s Talk with a phone number if possible, and a brief description of your issue or question. You can also leave a voice message at 206-743-3600.