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Library Services

Seattle Public Schools Library Services

Library Services promotes the exploration of ideas, the power of information, and the love of reading and learning through the following:

  • Provide students and staff seamless access to the information resources they need, when and where they need them.
  • Build strong libraries in every school that foster life long readers and effective users of information

We provide the following services:

  • Maintain software and technical systems support for school libraries, district library resources and textbook management
  • Coordinate professional development for librarians on librarianship and technical systems
  • Provide discovery and access to books, media, and electronic resources through online catalog and databases
  • Provide support to libraries for organization of library spaces
  • Provide consultation on new and remodeled library design
  • Coordinate district standards for cataloging and processing of library materials
  • Protect district assets by maintaining a database of books and other library materials
  • Provide access to professional and curriculum support materials for district staff through the Professional Library

Library Resources for SPS Students

SPS Online Library Catalog

A selection of early reader books on a table.

The online Seattle Public Schools library catalog allows you to search by location, reading level, award winners, and more.

How to Place an Online Library Hold

How to place an online library hold step-by-step instructions

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