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If you would like to send materials back to the library, please send them to Library Services, Mailstop 33-635.

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The Professional Library provides access to curriculum and professional development materials for district educators.


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What is in the Professional Library collection?

The Professional Library provides access to:

  • Instructional materials officially adopted by Seattle Public Schools
  • Other supplemental instructional materials
  • Books on educational philosophy, methodology and research

Who can check materials out of the Professional Library?

You must be on the District payroll to be on the patron list. If a teacher wants a non-District person, a teaching intern for example, to be able to check out materials, that District teacher must give written notice to the librarian that that particular person may check out materials in his/her name for a specified length of time. That teacher will be responsible for the return of those checkouts. Email is sufficient for giving this permission.

Where is the Professional Library?

We will be located on the north end of the 3rd floor of the Stanford Center when we re-open in Fall 2022.

If I don’t have a certain teacher’s edition, can I check one out for the semester or year?

The library is a resource shared by all staff members in the district, so library patrons can check library materials out for a month. The Professional Library has only three copies of most of the adopted teacher editions, and these must serve everyone’s short term needs for all the years of that adoption.

How do I return library books?

Our mailstop is: Professional Library / JSCEE / Mailstop 33-635. Please pack materials carefully and do not send oversize books through interoffice mail.