Seattle Public Schools



SPS Legal Department

The Legal Department provides legal services to Seattle Public Schools, including the School Board, Superintendent, and District Administrators, to ensure legal compliance across all District operations and reduce potential liability.

Staff attorneys represent and counsel clients on a variety of practice areas:

  • School Board Operations
  • Open Public Meetings Act Compliance
  • Litigation Management and Tort Claims
  • Facilities and Capital Projects
  • Contracting and Procurement
  • District and School Operations
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Compliance
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Labor and Employment Issues
  • Educational Operations Issues
  • Special Education
  • Student Issues
  • Public Records and Student Records Compliance
  • Risk Management (Risk and Loss Prevention)
  • District Safety and Security
  • Constitutional Issues

Vision Statement
Providing tools and removing obstacles so that students and staff realize their full potential.

Mission Statement
The Legal Department provides, manages, and coordinates all legal services for Seattle Public Schools in a collegial, positive, and professional manner. We are committed to rendering high quality and responsive services to support Seattle Public Schools’ mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you believe that you were financially harmed or damaged and that the district may be responsible for your harm or damage, please contact Ayrian Hastings for the appropriate claim form.

Ayrian Hastings

Only attorneys are authorized to accept service against the Seattle School District or the District Superintendent. Please call the Legal Department to make sure that an attorney is present and available to accept service.

You may contact the Legal Department at 206-252-0115.

When a school receives a restraining order or a parenting plan and has questions about the legal ramifications of the order or plan, the Legal Department can interpret those documents for school personnel.

We cannot provide advice to parents.

Please send a copy via email or fax to 206-252-0111, or contact Ayrian Hastings

See School Board Policy 6220 and the Superintendent Procedures implementing that policy.

The Legal, Contracts, Purchasing, and Accounting Departments developed a contracts matrix called the “Responsibilities for Review, Approval, and Execution of Contracts and Other Agreements”.

This document lists who can approve and sign various contracts.