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Phone: 206-252-0110
Fax: 206-252-0111

Greg Narver

General Counsel
Office: 3082
Phone: 206-252-0651

Legal Advisor to the Board, Superintendent, and Senior District Administrators; Operations; Finance; Construction; Contracts; General Business Issues; School District Governance

John Cerqui

Deputy General Counsel
Office: 3083
Phone: 206-252-0115

Labor and Employment for Certificated, Paraprofessional, Office Personnel, and Non-Represented Staff; Personal Injury Claims; Lawsuit Management; Public Disclosure Commission

Nazik Youssef

Sr. General Counsel
Office: 3058
Phone: 206-252-0113

Labor and Employment for IUOE Local 302, Building Trades, Machinists, Teamsters, and Carpenters Represented Staff; Special Education and Section 504 (SE and SW Regions); FERPA; Technology, Archives

Rachel Disario

Sr. General Counsel
Office: 3081
Phone: 206-252-0116

Special Education and Section 504 (NE, NW, and C Regions); Student Records and Discipline (SE and SW Regions); Student Civil Rights (Title IX; HIB; etc.)

Roxane O’Connor

Sr. General Counsel
Office: 3080
Phone: 206-252-0117

Athletics, Community Partnerships, Contracts & MOUs, Curriculum & Instruction, Data Sharing, Enrollment, FERPA, Health & Nursing Services, McKinney Vento Act, Parenting Plans & Protective Orders, Policy & Procedure, PPRA, Public Records Act, Safety & Security, Student Issues (Attendance, Discipline, HIB), Trespass Letters

Dairely Camacho

Sr. Legal Assistant
Office: 3065
Phone: 206-252-0652

Special Education; Special Education Student OCR , OAH, & OSPI, Student Assignment and Enrollment Appeals

​Lorraine Lee

Sr. Legal Assistant
Student Records   
Office: 3061
Phone: 206-252-0110

Legal Assistant to attorneys; Public Records Requests; Student Records Requests

Randall Enlow

Public Records Officer
Office: 3072
Phone: 206-252-0122

Public Records​ Requests

Ayrian Hastings

Lead Legal Assistant/Public Records Officer
Office: 3071
Phone: 206-252-0112

Lead Legal Assistant to General Counsel; Office Manager; Student Records Requests; Subpoenas, Personal Services Contracts; Public Records; Budget; Equipment and Supplies