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Building Rentals in Operating Schools

Master Library Schedules(MLS) calendar is open for summer scheduling through August 2024.

The last day of school for SPS is Friday, 6/21. Please confirm your MLS Requests for summer events have been approved online by the School Approver prior to summer break. When School Approvers are out for summer break, they will not approve MLS Request for facility use.

Schedulers at the schools authorize use of the facility, confirm availability, and approve online schedules for processing. We require a minimum of 15 working days to process ML Schedule Requests, minus SPS school closure days.

Fall 2024 Scheduling Timeline

Internal District UseOpens Mid-August (date tbd)
Seattle Parks & RecOpens Mid-August (date tbd)
Licensed Child CareOpens Late-August (date tbd)
Community UsersOpens September 9, 2024. The first day for programming or events is September 30th.  

*We require a minimum of 15 working days to process request. The start date above is effective if requests are submitted on opening date.

Hourly Building Rentals

Seattle Public Schools hourly facility use, Parks Department and inter-agency joint use agreements in operating schools are processed through online schedules. Procedures for hourly space rentals are described below.

Contact us with questions about hourly facility use

All facility use is cancelled when schools are closed due to an emergency and/or inclement weather.

Upon receipt of an approved online request, the Building Rental Coordinator will review the request to ensure the request is in compliance with School Board policies. When all the following requirements are met, the online request will be approved and an email notice sent to the contact person on the request. Use of the facility is not authorized until the online request has been changed to “Approved”.

Invoice Payment Options

We do NOT accept cash payments.

Debit or Credit Card (starting 7/1/24)

Click on the box that says ‘SchoolPay’ on the upper right corner of your invoice, and you will be directed to the SchoolPay screen to make a payment. This option works for individual invoices only. If paying for multiple invoices, you may prefer to mail or deliver a check.

Convenience fees to use this service:

$1.00 per transaction for all transactions $1.00 to $14.99

$1.95 per transaction for all transactions $15.00 to $49.99

3.99% for all transactions greater than or equal to $50.00

Mail or Deliver Checks/Money Orders
  1. Mail payment to: Seattle Public Schools, Building Rentals MS:23-311, PO Box 34165, Seattle WA  98124-1165.
  2. Deliver payment to: Seattle Public Schools, Reception Desk at 2445 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134.

Please make checks out to Seattle Public Schools.

To ensure proper credit to your account, please include the organization’s group name used on the ML Schedules Request and Invoice Number on the check.

Building Rental Forms

(non-district, community groups only)

It is very important to read the information regarding building rentals prior to submitting an online schedule requesting use of Seattle Public Schools property.

Building Rental Rates, Rules and Regulations

Hourly Rental Rates – Effective September 2023

Facility Space

Elementary BuildingsWeekdayWeekend & Holiday
Lunchroom/Auditorium (excludes kitchen)$53.91$57.55
Stage (Rehearsals & set-up, not for teardown)$13.48$14.38
Elementary & Secondary Buildings Weekday Weekend & Holiday
Choir/Band Room, Career Center$26.96$28.81
Classroom, Conference Room$13.48$14.50
Concession Stands$27.39$29.25
Ground for Organized Community Activity (per use/day)$25.70$27.43
Gym Small$55$55
Kitchen (excludes equipment use – See No. 2)$44.08$47.06
Parking Lot (per 4 hours) non-exclusive use – See No. 6$76.24$81.38
Tennis Court (per court)$10.96$11.70
Tennis Court Lights$27.39$29.25
Secondary Buildings Weekday Weekend & Holiday
Auditorium (space only – equipment use not included)$120.61$128.74
Gym Large$65$65
Stage – Rehearsals & set-up (not for teardown)$40.65$43.39
Lunchroom (excludes kitchen)$67.32$71.87
Little Theater  $26.96$29.25
Locker Room Single (includes showers)$87.34$93.22

Custodial/Security Staffing

Charges may apply during regular school day

  • Weekday & Saturday – $72.45 per hour
  • Holiday & Sunday – $93.15 per hour

Administrative Fees

  • Non-refundable (per online request) – $25
  • Changes/Revision to a request or invoice (per change) – $15
  • Late Fee (if request submitted late and processed for event) – $15

Fees apply to all users.

Heat and Cooling/Ventilation (optional)

Rate is for 1 to 5 classroom(s) per hour. Gym, Lunchroom, or Auditorium per hour.

  • Startup Cost (per day) – $54.56
  • Hourly – $7.54

Please Keep in Mind:

  1. Custodial overtime is charged at a minimum of four hours during Non-School Days. Charges are incurred 1/2 hour before starting time and at least 1/2 hour or more after the end of the event. Custodial charges may apply during Regular School Days.
  2. Kitchen use must be APPROVED by lunchroom personnel and Building Principal/Program Mgr. Please contact Culinary Services at 206-252-0675. Culinary personnel cost may apply.
  3. All space rentals including Auditoriums, Gyms, Performing Arts Centers (PAC), etc. are for the space only. Rentals do not include lighting, microphones, special equipment, etc. Please check with the school prior to scheduling for availability of lighting, microphones, speakers, special equipment, Special staffing, etc.
  4. Security may be required due to the size and/or nature of the event. Some schools require security no matter the size and/or nature of the event. A minimum of four hours is charged per security personnel.
  5. A Cleaning and/or Damage deposit may be required before an event. It can range from $250.00 to $2,000.00 depending on building requirements, type of activity, and number of attendants.
  6. Parking Lot rentals are non-exclusive use, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  7. Field use (scheduled with Parks Dept.) is for the field only and does not include Restrooms, scoreboards, pressbox, lights, etc.

Film Rates 2023-24

Use TypeHourly Rates
Synthetic Field$80
Grass Field$40
Field Lights$20
Type of FacilityFor-ProfitNon-Profit/Still Photo
Lunchroom – Elementary$125$62.50
Lunchroom – Secondary$150$75
Small Gym – Each Rm$113$56.25
Large Gym – Each Rm$150$75
Locker Room – Each Rm$150$75
Auditorium – Elementary$125$62.50
Auditorium – Secondary$200$100
Performing Arts Center$200$100
Little Theater$113$56.25

General Rules and Regulations for Use of SPS Facilities

The following rules are acknowledged electronically upon log in requesting facility use online.

  1. Non SPS groups are not permitted to sell food or merchandise on SPS property.
  2. The contact person and the person of record submitting the online request for use of SPS facilities/properties must be 18 years or older and will be considered the representative(s) of the organization and will be responsible for recoverable fees/costs associated with use of SPS facilities, buildings or property. Acceptance of rules constitutes a legally binding document.
  3. Applicant/Organization is responsible for the safety and conduct of its participants and spectators.
  4. The Applicant/Organization agrees to fully comply in accordance with the adoption of policies for the management of concussion and head injury in youth sports; as amended in RCW 4.24.660 and chapter 28A.600 RCW if applicable. Access to school facilities may not be granted until all requirements are completed and approved by the school district and/or designee.
  5. All organizations using school facilities shall provide an adult supervisor who shall remain with the group during all activities and be responsible for the group’s conformance with applicable rules and regulations.
  6. Applicant/Organization accepts the rented facility or building in “as is” condition and it is the responsibility of the Applicant/Organization to inspect the rented playfield or facility building for damage or dangerous conditions, including but not limited to holes, broken items, debris, water spills, or other dangerous conditions on the property. It is the responsibility of the Applicant/Organization to notify the District of any damage or dangerous conditions found on the premises.
  7. Applicants will generally be required to provide proof of coverage for Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence. Seattle Public Schools must be named as an additional insured on any policy. The insurance company must have an A. M. Best rating of A- or better. Coverage shall not be cancelled or reduced without thirty (30) day’s written notice to the district. Log into ML Schedules Software and upload the certificate. The address on the certificate should be: Seattle Public Schools, Building Rentals MS: 23:311, PO Box 34165, Seattle WA 98124-1165.
  8. The Applicant/Organization shall protect, hold harmless, indemnify, and defend SPS and SPS officers and employees from any and all liabilities, claims, lawsuits, or rights of action directly or indirectly growing out of the use of the premises covered by the permit due to negligent acts of applicant, it agents, employees, invitees, or subcontractors. In the event SPS incurs attorney fees and/or costs in the defense of claims or lawsuits under this section, such fees and costs shall be recoverable from the Applicant/Organization.
  9. Kitchen use is prohibited by anyone except Culinary Services. Culinary Services must be contacted to request use of kitchen at 206-252-0675 prior to scheduling online. In Washington State, all persons working in food handling area must now have a Food Handler Permit. Separate rules must be followed for use of concession stands.
  10. Tables, chairs, desks and other furniture and equipment shall not be moved from one room to another unless specifically mentioned on the permit and by or under the direct supervision of an SPS employee. Extra or unusual services for programs or activities must be identified on the online schedule.
  11. Any type of advertising material may be distributed only during the times and in the areas specifically designated.
  12. The Applicant/Organization shall not practice discrimination of any kind.
  13. Boisterous conduct, profane or other improper language will not be tolerated.
  14. Alcohol, marijuana, drugs, and weapons (guns, knives, and other dangerous weapons) are not allowed on SPS property at any time.
  15. Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited on SPS property. The term “tobacco products” shall include but it is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, snuff, smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco, nicotine, electronic devices, non-FDA approved nicotine delivering devices chemicals or devices that produce the same flavor or physical effect of nicotine substances; and any other smoking equipment, material, or tobacco innovation. The district prohibits the use of open flames, candles, and fires of any type inside or outside the facilities.
  16. All events will be required to meet the occupancy load and fire and safety regulations of SPS, the City of Seattle, and the State of Washington.
  17. Games of chance, lotteries and the giving of door prizes are not allowed except as permitted by law and then only with proper clearances, if applicable, from the State Gambling Commission.
  18. Alterations to the field/facility are prohibited without prior approval. This may include such things as hanging signs, erecting backstops, placing goals, and using masking tape on walls and floors, etc.
  19. Applicants are required to remove at their expense, decorations, materials, and equipment, furnishings or rubbish left after use of school facilities. Building rentals at SPS facilities is granted for hourly use. Storage is not provided at the end of daily or nightly use.
  20. All groups shall leave the school facilities in the same order and condition in which they found them. SPS reserves the right to recover the cost of lost, broken or damaged items that occur during the use of the facility. The signature organization will be responsible for cost replacement.
  21. The use of facilities shall be restricted to those spaces and times specifically covered in the use agreement. Rentals are for the space/facility only and do not include special equipment or lighting. Please check with the school prior to scheduling for availability of special equipment.
  22. Administrative offices and individual schools may compile and post in a conspicuous location other supplemental special rules, which are applicable to specific situations and locations.
  23. All groups shall comply with City Ordinances and put recyclable material into the mixed blue recycling containers located throughout the building. This includes paper, plastic cups/bottles/jugs, metal, glass, milk and juice cartons. Compostable materials such as food and food soiled paper must be put into the green compost containers located in the cafeteria, kitchen, staff lounge, and classes where food is cooked. Go to for information about what is recyclable and compostable.
  24. SPS will not be responsible for losses of personal property by individuals or groups when buildings are being used for a scheduled activity.
  25. Per Federal copyright law, all organizations must obtain permission from the copyright holder if the work, program or performance is copyrighted.
  26. Request fees must be mailed to the Building Rental Office in advance, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon and approved by the Building Rental Event Coordinator. All fees for a single use of a facility must be paid at least ten (10) working days before the scheduled use. We only accept checks or money orders. We do NOT accept cash or credit cards.
  27. The Applicant/Organization shall notify both the school building and Building Rental Event Coordinator of any cancellation of previously scheduled event at least five (5) working days prior to the scheduled use. Changes/Cancelations must be submitted in writing. In case of failure to do so, SPS may invoice for expenses incurred in preparation for use of the facility requested.
  28. Changes to an online request may be accommodated on the same online request. Changes/cancelations must be emailed directly to The Request ID No. must be provided to initiate the change/cancelation and received by the Building Rentals Office no later than five (5) working days prior to the date impacted by the revision. A change fee will be assessed for each change (first one is free).
  29. SPS reserves the right to cancel any Request for good cause. All facility use is canceled when the facility/building is closed due to an emergency and/or inclement weather. In the event of such cancellation, there shall be no claim or right to damage or compensation on account of any loss, damage, or expense whatsoever endured by the Applicant as a result of such cancellation. Rules acknowledged electronically upon log in requesting facility use online.

Revised August 2022

Online Scheduling Process

SPS uses a scheduling system called Master Library Schedules

Master Library Support Content includes tutorials showing how to create an account, submitting a new request, and how to access support if needed.

  1. Contact the school first for availability and preliminary approval to use the facility.
  2. New users, create a New Account in Master Library Schedules using a Group Name of the insured on the insurance certificate.
  3. Proof of insurance is required for community use of Seattle Public Schools’ facilities (buildings and grounds). Upload your organization’s Certificate of Insurance naming Seattle Public Schools as the additional insured when completing the New Account Setup in ML Schedules.
  4. The account will be reviewed and Approved in Master Library Schedules. The system sends notification when the account has been approved. You cannot schedule until you receive notification your account has been reviewed and approved.
  5. After notification of new account approval, submit an online request at least fifteen (15) working days prior to the date of the event.  You cannot schedule events beyond your insurance policy expiration date.
  6. A non-refundable Administrative Fee is charged per online request. A Request submitted less than fifteen (15) working days may NOT be processed.
  7. Filming activities require eighteen (18) working days and a $50 non-refundable administrative fee. See Rate Sheet for Filming Activities above. A Request submitted less than eighteen (18) working days may NOT be processed.   
  8. Pay invoice online or mail payment to: Seattle Public Schools, Building Rentals MS:23-311, PO Box 34165, Seattle WA  98124-1165. To ensure proper credit to your account, please include the organization’s name used on the ML Schedules Request and Invoice Number on the check.
  9. Once all requirements are met, the online Request will be Approved and an email notification sent to Applicant.  Access to the facility is not authorized until the online Request has been completely processed and changed to “Approved“. 

Community Nights in School Libraries Program

Low Cost Meeting Space For Community Groups and Organizations (this option is not available for commercial or business organizations). Seattle Public Schools and the City of Seattle have partnered to provide a program that offers inexpensive meeting space for community groups and nonprofit organizations.

If you are a participant in the Community Nights Program, please follow directions below for submitting building reservation requests.

When creating your User profile, please make sure under Organizations you select Group 1c – Community Nights. More information on the Community Nights Program to come.

Insurance Requirements for Community Users

Seattle Public Schools requires insurance for use of its facilities by users other than Seattle Public Schools staff and events.  Proof of insurance is required to register to use facilities in the Community Use section of the Building Rentals User Profile. If your group does not have its own liability insurance policy that meets Seattle Public Schools’ requirements, you may purchase coverage for your event(s) through a program called the Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).  Read more information on the Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program.

More details showing how to update insurance information. The obsolete insurance file and field must be deleted and updated in ML Schedules. Updating the correct insurance fields allows the system to recognize the new information; and continued access for the User to submit new Requests.

Log into ML Schedules Software, upload a pdf of the insurance certificate showing Seattle Public Schools as the additional insured as follows:

Seattle Public Schools
Building Rentals MS:  23-311
PO Box 34165
Seattle WA  98124-1165

Note: The Master Library Schedules account group name must match the name insured on the certificate of insurance.

Please see additional insurance requirements under our rules and regulations tab.

Heating and Cooling Set Points for SPS Facilities

Classroom, Office

  • Heating Set Point: 68 degrees
  • Cooling Set Point: 76 degrees

Lunchroom, auditorium

  • Heating Set Point: 65 degrees
  • Cooling Set Point: 76 degrees

Gyms, hallways

  • Heating Set Point: 62 degrees
  • Cooling Set Point: No mechanical cooling