Seattle Public Schools


Facility Operations

SPS Facility Operations

Facility Operations consists of Custodial Services, Maintenance Services, Environmental Services, Grounds, Self Help, and Property Management

Custodial Services support day to day operations and cleaning of approximately 9,156,114 square feet of the buildings in the Seattle Public Schools.

Maintenance Services provides a dependable, comfortable and safe environment that fosters increased student achievement. We are committed to communicating with our customers in a timely, sincere and professional manner; providing prompt and reliable service; and maintaining quality facilities.

Environmental Services support Resource Conservation, Utilities, and all building automation systems in the Seattle Public Schools.

Grounds Services Department supports the learning process by promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy outdoor environment for students and community.

Self Help Projects oversees volunteer-initiated improvements to buildings and grounds to complement school programming, uphold district standards and ensure compliance with school board policies.


  • Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service by proactively giving our customers what they need.
  • Quality: Provide quality products and services the first time, every time, with efficient use of available resources.
  • Financial Stewardship:  Collaborative, responsible, effective and efficient use of funds, accountable to the taxpayers.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Empowered, highly skilled, motivated and valued employees working together to create superior schools.
  • Community: Provide buildings that are designed, constructed and maintained in collaboration with our neighbors to enhance our communities.