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Property Management

Seattle Public Schools Property Management

Please note: We are only scheduling for the current academic year. We do not accept applications for the next academic year until mid-August.

Community use of buildings may not be granted by the schools for at least the first two weeks of the new school year while district needs are being established.

Operating School Buildings

Closed School Buildings

SPS Property Leasing and Sales

The Seattle Public Schools leases out portions of operating school buildings, closed buildings, and conducts sales of surplus buildings from time to time. These actions are subject to School Board Policy and Procedure Nos. H02.00, H02.01, E50.00, E51.00, E52.00, E 53.00 and E55.00.

Leasing of Closed School Buildings

Seattle Public Schools is committed to ensuring a high-quality school for every student – a school where all students meet or exceed grade-level expectations and graduate from high school prepared for college, career and life. We are accountable for using existing resources more effectively to support excellence in the classroom and progress toward academic goals: every student achieving, everyone accountable. As part of our program to effectively manage resources, we manage all of our closed school buildings to minimize cost and maximize revenues.

Closed schools currently available for lease:

  • No schools are available for lease at this time.

For additional information regarding Building Leases at closed schools, please contact Lewis Carlson at

Property Sales

Closed schools currently available for sale:

  • No schools are available for sale at this time.

For inquiries regarding past sales, please contact Lewis Carlson at

  • Garfield and South Lot Boundary Adjustments
  • Garfield Site Plan
  • South Shore Site Plan