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Leasing in Operating Schools

Leasing in Operating Schools

The Seattle Schools leases out portions of operating school buildings for child care and related programs which directly support the school program. Other types of programs or activities approved by School Board policies can also lease space in operating schools.

For information regarding leases, please contact or 206-252-0633.

New tenants or current tenants who are renewing their existing lease in operating schools must fill out the entire Lease Application Packet. Current lease holders who just need to make a change in facilities use should fill out the Additional Use/Change Form only. You can fax your Lease applications to 206-252-0111.

You can also mail your application to: Lewis Carlson, MS 22-330, Seattle Public Schools, PO Box 34165, Seattle, 98124-1165.


1. Review:

  • Basic Criteria for Leasing Seattle School District Facilities In Operating Schools
  • information on the Lease/Space Lease Application Packet .
  • Sample of Leasehold Tax exemption determination By WA state (for who are non-exempt., the tax is 12.84%)

2. Contact:

  • Contact 252-0110 to review your plan for leasing a district facilities.
  • Contact School Principal for space availability and preliminary approval.

3. Complete:

  • Complete Space Application Packet and obtain School Principal or designee’s signature.
  • Applicant submits the completed Space Application Packet directly to Property Management Office no later than 15 working days prior to intended occupancy (see cover page on the Lease/Space Application Packet).
  • Once the application is approved by Property Management Office, a lease would be processed for your signature.
  • Proof of insurance, security deposit, first month’s rent, a finalized lease agreement and any necessary permits and licenses for lessee’s operation must be in place prior to occupancy.

Forms and Documents

Leases in Operating Schools