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Property Management

Scheduling Athletic Fields and Facilities

Scheduling of School District Athletic Fields and Facilities

Seattle Parks Department schedules all district fields on non-school hours. All scheduled field users must register with the District in Master Library as a user and provide insurance as required to use SPS fields and facilities.

Register for new account with SPS

IContact the Seattle Parks Athletic Field scheduling office – Christopher Powell

For more information see the Seattle Parks website.

Until further notice team members, coaches, spectators, and all users of SPS fields are required to always wear masks regardless of vaccination status. This includes indoor and outdoor areas.

Concession Sales and Use of District Concession Stands

The District concession stands do not meet the standards for food preparation requiring food service permits.  Only foods not requiring a permit may be sold.  Hot items such as hot dogs, hamburgers or other foods requiring on-site preparation require permitted facilities for preparation and sanitation and our facilities do not meet these requirements.

Concession and sales of food on District property by non-District staff is allowed on a limited basis. The concession stands at the four athletic complexes are available for use and require a building rental permit under the normal building rental process through Seattle Public Schools. This rental is separate from the rental of the field. There is a separate fee for use of the concession stands. Sale of foods that require food handling permits and permitted preparation facilities can be contracted through the District Nutrition Service Department.

For fields that do not have concession stands, concessions are limited to one permitted commercial canopy.  Please see the document below for rules governing permitting of canopies  and food sales- this form must be signed and submitted with any permit request for concession activities:

All food products sold must conform the Public Health of Seattle – King County rules which are linked here for reference only – all responsibility for adherence to Public Health Regulations, District Risk Management and Use Rules is with the permit holder: