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Catering and Kitchen Use

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Catering Services

Our goal is your satisfaction with the quality of our service and products you receive. In order for us to properly plan and prepare each order, we have established the catering guidelines. These guidelines apply to district and non-district activities at school locations and the JSCEE.

Events at Schools: SPS Culinary Services Department must be contacted to provide all catering from the first day of school through the last day of school including all breaks and weekends. 

Events at the John Stanford Center (JSCEE): Culinary Services must be contacted to provide all catering including all breaks and weekends except during the month of July. 

Catering Form

Catering Request Form and Contract (staff login required)

Community Use of Kitchens

The kitchen facilities located in each Seattle Public Schools building are licensed by the King County Health Department to be operated by Culinary Services staff.

The kitchens contain food products along with kitchen utensils and commercial food service equipment used by Culinary Services staff for cooking, storing, and holding food served to students and staff. The equipment and supplies are the property of Culinary Services and must be properly operated and maintained so they are always available and functioning for use by Culinary Services staff.

In-order to protect the equipment and supplies and maintain the wholesomeness of food/supplies stored in the kitchen/stockroom, school kitchen facilities may not be used for anything other than preparing and serving school meals without prior written approval from the NS Department.

Once approval has been granted, arrangements must be made for a Culinary Services staff member or members to be present and on-site during the event. The staff member(s) will be responsible for supervising the use of equipment and supplies along with assisting with any food preparation that takes place in the school kitchen.

The community group utilizing the kitchen facility will be billed for the labor charges associated with the use of a school kitchen. The guidelines and procedures below provide the details of how to apply for approval to use a kitchen facility and what expectations the group(s) must meet.

Procedures for receiving approval to use school kitchen facilities

  1. Obtain a permit to utilize a building facility from Building Rentals at the District Logistics Center.
  2. Contact the Culinary Services office to arrange for approval to use a school kitchen. Culinary Services can be contacted by telephone by dialing 206-252-0675.
  3. When a building permit and approval to use a building/kitchen facility has been issued, Culinary Services will coordinate the scheduling of the appropriate staff to be on-site during the event to supervise the proper use and cleaning of the facility.

The expectations for any group or organization using kitchen facilities will be as follows:

  1. All community groups requesting the use of a kitchen facility are responsible for the total cost of all food, disposable paper products (plasticware, plates, foil, film, etc), cleaning supplies and any labor charges associated with the use of the school kitchen.
  2. The labor charges charged by Culinary Services for the use of a school kitchen are based on the current pay scale for Culinary Services lunchroom staff including benefits. The minimum labor charge is for three hours. There will be an additional charge for weekends and holidays. The projected labor costs will be provided to the requesting group based on information provided to NS at the time of receiving approval. Charges will reflect the actual time worked and submitted by the assigned staff.
  3. A Culinary Services employee must be on duty at all times during the use of kitchen facilities. Two lunchroom personnel will be scheduled for every ten people working in the kitchen.
  4. The community group person designated as being responsible for the use of the kitchen must meet with the lunchroom manager to discuss the use of equipment and kitchen utensils and the need for designated storage space. Storing food products in a refrigerator and/or freezer must be approved by the lunchroom Manager and meet WA State food regulation guidelines.
  5. Lunchroom dishes or silverware will not be used.
  6. Lunchroom furniture and kitchen equipment may not be removed from the room in which they belong.
  7. The group is responsible for leaving kitchen completely clean and in order.
  8. The cost of replacing or repairing any equipment or supplies damaged or removed from the kitchen facility during an event will be charged back to the community group.
  9. For safety reasons, students and small children are not allowed in the kitchen.
  10. NO alcohol is allowed on school premises