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    Preschool in Seattle Public Schools

    Students in a circleEarly Learning Vision: At Seattle Public Schools our vision is for every child to experience a quality, cohesive and joyful learning experience from preschool through fifth grade that will provide the strong foundation needed to succeed in school and life. Our programs offer children and families opportunity and access to classrooms and schools with a positive climate, and teachers who are ready and able to meet their needs by articulating and implementing high-quality learning environments across Pre-K-5th grade.

    We Offer a Variety of Comprehensive Preschool Programs

    • Seattle Preschool Program: In collaboration with the City of Seattle, this program offers high-quality, affordable preschool to all of Seattle's 3- and 4-year-old children.

    • Head Start: A federally funded child development program for eligible families serving three- and four-year-old children.

    • Developmental Preschool: For children age 3-5 determined eligible with a disability that impacts educational progress and who are in need of specially designed instruction. 

    Another way to access preschool is through community-based organizationsPDF icon who provide services in school buildings.

    We offer a brochure that compares the offerings of our preschool programs in a bit more detail. Check out our Preschool Programs in SeattlePDF icon brochure for more details.

    2019-20 Programs and Services by Location

    For more information and a complete list of school locations including school address, profile and website, click on the List of Preschool Programs by Location.