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Seattle Preschool Program

Seattle Preschool Program (SPP)

In collaboration with the City of Seattle, the Seattle Preschool Program offers high-quality, affordable preschool to all of Seattle’s 3 and 4 year-olds. Students engage in a full time, research-based curriculum taught by certificated staff in a positive school climate and inclusive early childhood learning environment.


SPP Applications Now Open for the 2023-2024 School Year!

(Apply by April 12 for first round considerations.)

Enrolling in the Seattle Preschool Program with Seattle Public Schools takes place through the City of Seattle Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL).

For more information please contact the City of Seattle Department of Education and Early Learning:


How to Enroll Preschool Students with an IEP

If your child has a disability and they have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) with Seattle Public Schools, please contact your current case manager, for more information about how to enroll and submit an application for the Seattle Preschool Program or Seattle Preschool Program Plus.

Or contact Child Find at 206-252-0805 or

Seattle Preschool Program Plus (SPP Plus)

Seattle Preschool Program Plus is a high-quality preschool program that also offers inclusive opportunities for students with and without disabilities. Students engage in a full time, research-based curriculum where specially designed instruction is integrated into the early childhood learning environment for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

Program Overview (SPP/SPP Plus)

  • Certificated Teaching Staff (Additional Certificated Special Education staff for SPP Plus)
  • Instructional & Classroom Assistants
  • High Scope Preschool Curriculum
  • 20 Students per classroom (18 for SPP Plus)
  • 6.5 hour School Day (Early Release Wednesday)
  • School Year Calendar Schedule
  • School Meals available to purchase or through the Free and Reduced Lunch program
  • Tuition is determined on a sliding scale for all SPP students (No tuition for students with IEPs in designated SPP Plus slots)


Tuition for the Seattle Preschool Program is considered for all students on a sliding scale and is based on household income. All final tuition rate decisions are made by the City of Seattle.

2022-23 Seattle Preschool Program Tuition Sliding Scale


Eligibility is based on two factors: Child age and Address 

Age: Children must be 3 or 4 years old on or by August 31, the start of the program year. 

Address: SPP is only open to Seattle residents. Children residing in unincorporated Seattle, or outside Seattle city limits, are not eligible.


The Seattle Preschool Selection process takes into consideration various factors. Eligible preschoolers will be selected through a random selection process that utilizes the following criteria:

Child’s age: Children who are age 4 on or before August 31 of the school year will receive priority over children who are age 3.

Home address: If you select a site that is in the same Seattle Public Schools elementary or middle school attendance zone as your home address, you will receive priority for that site over children living in other parts of the city.

Homeless and Foster Care: Children from families experiencing homelessness or in foster care will receive priority placement.

Siblings: Additional preference is given to children with siblings who enroll or attend SPP at the same time.

SPP Waitlist: If a site requires a wait list, children will be added to the wait list based on these priorities.

SPP Mailing List

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This list will send updates about our preschool program for as long as your child is age-eligible. You can unsubscribe at any time.