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Inclusive Preschool Classrooms

Free Part-Day Preschool

Seattle Public Schools Early Learning Developmental Preschool Program

Is your child ready for preschool but not quite ready for a full day program? Are you looking for opportunities for your child to learn and play with children of diverse ability levels?

The SPS Early Learning department is recruiting students who are typically developing (meeting all or most developmental milestones) to join our preschool classrooms led by highly qualified teachers serving students with disabilities.

Program Description

A young student plays with preschool toys in a classroom

Curriculum: Creative Curriculum (evidence-based general education program)
Session: 2.5 Hours in Morning or Afternoon (based on program availability)
Transportation: Parent Responsibility (no district transportation provided)
Cost: FREE!

Developmental Preschool Programs Locations

Benefits of High-Quality Inclusive Preschool for Each and Every Child:

A young student stacks blocks in a classroom
  • Research indicates that meaningful inclusion is beneficial to children with and without disabilities across a variety of developmental domains.
  • Children with and without disabilities, can make significant developmental and learning progress
    in inclusive settings.
  • Children with and without disabilities in inclusive early childhood programs also demonstrate stronger social- emotional skills than their peers in separate settings.
  • Meaningful inclusion in high quality early childhood programs can support children with disabilities in reaching their full potential resulting in broad societal benefits.