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Requesting Transcripts and Other Student Records

Former Students, Universities and Corporations

Use our ScribOrder Online Student Records Request System to request:

  • Student records (transcript, replacement diploma, graduation status or other student records) or
  • A graduation verification for a former student.

Current or Recent Students – Records Requests

Reach out to your student’s most recent school via email or phone with your records request.

High School Transcript Requests – Current Students

First and foremost, to support current students in their college application efforts, there are a number of existing resources in place at their school (Naviance, Common App, Staff, etc.).

Therefore, students should work with the resources at their school to ensure transcripts are submitted as part of the college application process.

About Naviance

Naviance is an application that students can use throughout the school year to identify where they are applying to college. When they identify a college, they outline the types of transcripts that are being requested to support their application to that college (Initial, Mid-Year, Final). In Naviance, there is an indicator as to how that college will accept a transcript: Via Naviance, Via CommonApp or paper copies.

At different points in the year, staff will upload the transcripts for students and send the transcripts to the colleges that have been identified, with the exception of paper copies – schools will notify students how paper copies of transcripts will be handled.

There is a brief window of time that Naviance is not available in the summer (~July 4th – early August), but as long as the ‘Final’ transcript option was selected for a given college, that transcript will be sent automatically – no additional action is needed from a student.

Any changes a student would like to make to their Naviance options after July 4th may not be possible due to system outages.

For more assistance, reach out to staff,

Important Notes about “Final” Transcripts:

  • Final Transcripts are not available until approximately 12 school days after the last day of school. Every year, this date is defined by the Teacher Union contracts, so the date varies.
  • Final Transcripts do not contain Running Start Grades from Spring Quarter. If a college requires the Running Start grades from the final quarter, students will need to request their transcript from their Running Start college to be sent to the colleges that need those transcripts.
    • High school credits earned via Running Start will be added to the high school transcript in the Fall of the following year.
  • Colleges may send out a reminder communication about needing final transcripts – If ‘Final’ transcript is selected in Naviance or CommonApp, please be reassured that the final transcript will be sent.

If you need assistance, staff at your school can help!

School Staff will guide students on the use of Naviance and College Applications, supply students with paper/fax copies of transcripts as requested, upload transcripts to Naviance and Online College Application Portals to meet deadlines, etc.

In some cases, colleges do not accept transcripts via CommonApp or Naviance:

  • When a college is identified in Naviance, but does not accept electronic transcripts, the school will generate a paper copy of the transcript. The school will provide the transcript to the student to mail.
  • When a college is not listed in Naviance, the student should work with staff to make sure they get a copy of their transcript to support their application.

The last resource available to current high school students and parents of underage high school students to request official and unofficial copies of their high school transcript is the ScribOrder Online Student Records Request System.

It is important to note that ScribOrder is intended to fill gaps. In other words, it is not intended to replace systems like Naviance that are available to students at school.

For instance, some colleges do not accept transcripts via Naviance or the CommonApp. In this case, paper transcripts may be requested from or provided by staff at the school or it may be more convenient to order a transcript via ScribOrder.

Do not order transcripts via ScribOrder if the transcript is being sent via Naviance or the CommonApp, especially Final transcripts. Colleges may send out a reminder communication about Final Transcripts, but if ‘Final’ transcript is selected in Naviance, please be reassured that the final transcript will be sent.

Using ScribOrder
  • Select the ‘CLICK HERE if you are a CURRENT student or a PARENT of a current student under the age of 18’ option.
  • Fill out all required fields. When you add a Delivery Address(es), identify the number of copies.
    • Orders for more than two transcripts or for orders for transcripts to be sent to more than two colleges may be rejected. Please see information about Naviance.
  • Most importantly, select the Information Type(s) Requested:
    • Official High School Transcript (sent to colleges or addresses identified)
    • Digital Copy – Official High School Transcript. The PDF file of the student’s transcript emailed to the requester can be verified by any recipient of the file via the following website:

Reach out to if you are experiencing technical difficulties with ScribOrder.

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