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Records for Transferring Students

Records for Transferring Students

Submit Requests Online

If you are from a K-12 School or School District that needs records for a former Seattle Public Schools Student to support the student’s enrollment at your school, please submit a request via K-12 Transfer, our Online Student Records Request System.

Requests via fax, phone calls, emails and mail will no longer be accepted.

Additional Information:

  • Only schools in the United States are able to use the K-12 Transfer – Student Records Request System, due to privacy laws. For international requests, please reach out to the former school directly with your request.
  • If your school has an application process and school records are needed to support the student’s application to your institution (e.g. private school, charter school, some select public schools), please submit your request directly to the student’s former school.
    • Note that once the student is accepted and the family actively enrolls in your school, if additional records are needed, the request would need to be submitted through the K-12 Transfer Online Student Records Request System.
  • If you are a current student, former student, college or verification company, please reference the Student Records page for more information about requesting records.

All Educational Records – About what SPS provides

The following records are provided in response to requests if the records are available for the student.

Records common to all grades:

  • State Exam Scores
  • Attendance / Truancy Records
  • Discipline Records
  • Legal Documents
  • ELL Records (will only be sent to schools outside of Washington State; Other schools in Washington State should access ELL Records via OSPI.)

In addition, the following grade level records may be available:

Grade LevelRecords Available
Grades PreK – 5Elementary Progress Reports (last two years)
Grades 6 – 85th Grade Elementary Progress Report
Academic History (grades 6-8 classes and grades)
Proof of Washington State History
Grades 9 – 12Academic History (grades 6-8 classes and grades)
Official High School Transcript
Withdrawal Grades
SAT/ACT Scores

Information about Program-Specific Records That May Be Sent / Requested:

In addition to the core educational records, request the following record types if the student is known to have participated in the program.

  • IEP / Special Education Records*
  • 504 records

More Information about IEP / Special Education Records:

*If your school has a subscription to IEPOnline, please submit a request for Special Education Records via Inter-District Transfer (IDT). Do not duplicate the request in K-12 Transfer.

If you have questions about IEP Records, please email with your request.

More Information about ELL Records:

The ELL records provided to out of state schools will include all test results for the student that are available in our electronic student information system. For more information, please reference the SPS English Learners program webpage.

As of 2021/2022, all schools in Washington State are using WIDA to assess language proficiency. Prior to WIDA, ELPA21 was used.

What SPS does not provide:

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) does not provide the following records in response to transferring student requests.

If needed, follow up with the student’s family or with the appropriate Seattle Public Schools department.

Type of RecordHow to access the records
Advanced Learning RecordsIf the student is an Advanced Learner or a ‘highly capable’ student and records are needed to support the student’s placement in the correct program, please email with your request.
ImmunizationSPS uses the Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS) to report on the Immunization status of students; Immunization Records are not consistently maintained by the District.

If an Immunization record is needed, families should be encouraged to create an account on to access the most current immunization records for their students or they should reach out to their most recent healthcare provider for this record.
Health RecordsIf the student in question has significant health concerns, please have the family work with their medical provider to share information as needed and/or work with the nurse at the student’s former school directly if there is information managed by the school that needs to be shared.
Birth CertificatesCopies of Birth Certificates are only used in our enrollment process to verify age for earlier grade placement (Pre-K – Grade 1)

As a family record, parents should be encouraged to provide their own copy of birth certificates when transferring to a new school. Most counties/countries have processes in place to manage requests for Official Birth Certificates.

As a courtesy, if the family enrolled their student with SPS at an early age (ages 3-6), and they require a copy of their student’s birth certificate, they can email with a request and admissions will check their records – please provide your student’s full name, date of birth, last school attended and the year your student enrolled with SPS.

Guidance on Using SPS’s Online Student Records Request System

The new K-12 Transfer application is a secure, self-service application:

  • Site Access.  Go to the Scribbles K-12 Transfer website
  • Account Creation.  Requesters are required to set up an account using a school email address. 
    • Personal emails addresses will not be accepted.
    • Verification.  Once the account request has been submitted, there is a verification process that takes about 24 hours to complete.  Once an account is verified, a ‘verification complete’ email notification will be sent to the requester. 
    • You only need to be verified once, then you may submit as many requests as needed.
  • Submit Request.  Once an account has been established, login to the K-12 Transfer application and submit records requests to Seattle Public Schools.
    • Select State: Washington
    • Select District: Seattle Public Schools
    • From the list of Schools, select the last school the student attended.
  • Processing Time.  Requests will be processed electronically within 2-5 school days.
    • Note that requests that involve Program-Specific Records may take longer, since the request will be handled by multiple staff members.
  • Downloading.  When you receive the “Your documentation request has been approved” email, you will need to login to the K-12 Transfer application to download the student records you requested.

If you have any issues setting up your account or submitting record requests, contact