Advanced Learning

Department Information

Advanced Learning Department Information

Department Vision and Mission

It is the Vision of the Advanced Learning Office that each and every student in Seattle Public Schools will have access to academic experiences differentiated to their specific needs. The Advanced Learning Office will provide thoughtful, research-based support that will help schools successfully address the specific academic, social, and emotional needs of Highly Capable Students and Advanced Learners throughout our diverse school communities.

The Mission of the Advanced Learning Office is to provide thoughtful, research-based services for students who are or become eligible as Highly Capable or as Advanced Learners, their families, and the faculty who teach them, so they have the opportunity to achieve their highest potentials during their Seattle Schools career. Students who are identified as Highly Capable and Advanced Learners come from all cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic backgrounds, and have diverse abilities and achievement profiles. They typically need differentiated programs and services provided in environments that encourage and nurture identity safety, inquiry, flexibility, and critical and creative thinking.

Highly Capable students are identified so that they may receive the interventions necessary to best serve their exceptional needs. Highly Capable-eligible students can receive services through the self-contained classroom service model (Highly Capable Cohort sites offered in grades 1-8), at their neighborhood schools, or by participating in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or other advanced coursework in grades 9-12.

The Advanced Learning office will:

  • Continue to research and adjust our identification processes to provide equitable access for all students to be considered for Advanced Learner/Highly Capable designation, with a special focus on under-identified populations;
  • Define, coordinate, and support a continuum of options for Highly Capable and Advanced Learners;
  • Provide professional development that aligns with the best-practices in Highly Capable education, with a particular focus on differentiated instruction; and
  • Continue to adjust and modify methods and processes to align with state law, district policy, and current research.

Community Engagement

Seattle Public Schools believes community engagement and two-way communication are essential to improving district decisions and outcomes for students. 

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