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How to Raise a Concern or Issue

The Special Education Department is shifting resources at this time. To answer your questions and concerns, there are new resources to contact in place of the special education ombudsperson.

If you are not able to get your concerns answered by your child’s special education teacher (who is also your child’s case manager) or the principal at your child’s school, or if you do not have a child currently enrolled at Seattle Public Schools, you may contact:

OPTION #1: The Special Education Office

In your message, please let us know the school that your child attends so that we can direct you to the Central Office person who can help you.

Office Number: 206-252-0058

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OPTION #2: The Seattle Public Schools District Ombudsperson

If you feel a grievance or concern hasn’t been addressed by your child’s teacher/case manager or principal then you may contact the district ombudsperson.

You may describe the details of your concern by filling out and submitting the Ombuds contact form.