Ombuds Office

The District Ombudsperson Office is an independent and confidential alternative dispute resolution office established within the Superintendents Office to assist (parent/guardians, students and SPS Schools or Departments) with problem solving issues or concerns that are negatively impacting an SPS student or the SPS/School-Family relationship. When appropriate the District Ombudsperson office can provide information, explore options and provide informal intervention support. The District Ombuds Office can also track issues that are systemic and make recommendations to appropriate stakeholders as necessary.

More info about the Ombuds Office and what we can and can’t do.

** PLEASE NOTE : If this is an urgent issue where you believe someone’s immediate safety is at risk please call the SPS Safety and Security office at 206-252-0707 or call 911 for immediate attention.**

The Process

Please submit your questions or concern through the form below (preferably one issue or question at a time).  Once your info is received it will be reviewed. If there are any clarifying questions someone will reach out to you via email or phone to gather additional info. After enough info is gathered to ensure a proper understanding of the concern or question, one of the following steps could happen next:

  1. The Ombudsperson will refer your question or concern to an appropriate person or dept. to follow up with you to answer your question, provide more info or work with you to resolve the concern.
  2. The Ombudsperson will answer your question or work with you and the other party directly to resolve the concern.
  3. In rare cases, if there there isn’t a quick answer or easy resolution, the Ombudsperson will work with all parties involved to explore options and determine next steps.

Ombuds Online Contact Form

The information with * are required to submit the form. Please be concise but please also provide as much info as necessary to best understand your concern and what you would like to see happen next. Please keep in mind not every concern is best handled by the Ombuds Office.