Requesting Religious Accommodations

Summary: Seattle Public Schools affirms and supports students and staff from all faith backgrounds. Students and staff may request religious accommodations.

Seattle Public Schools affirms and supports our students and staff from all faith backgrounds. As a reminder, students and staff may request religious accommodations if needed.

Student Requests for Religious Accommodations

In order for students to be granted a religious accommodation, the student’s parent or guardian must submit a written request to the principal of the student’s school.

Requests should be submitted in advance to allow the school to make appropriate arrangements and scheduling adjustments. If the request is for an excused absence for a religious event, that request must be made at least three days in advanced of the start of the planned absence in accordance with the district’s Attendance Procedure.

The written request must state: 

  1. The specific accommodation requested; 
  2. Why the accommodation is needed; and 
  3. The amount of time, duration, and frequency of the accommodation. 

Students who are excused from class as a religious accommodation must have an opportunity to make up any work, assignment or test missed as a result of the absence. If the school personnel anticipate denying a request for a religious accommodation for a student, they should consult with the General Counsel’s Office prior to communicating that denial. 

For details, review our 2340SP Religion and Religious Accommodation and 2340 Religious-Related Activities and Practices.

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