Seattle Public Schools

Classroom AV Equipment Refresh Project

Summary: SPS is working to refresh classroom audio and visual (A/V) equipment such microphones, projectors, and speakers.

Classroom Audio Visual Equipment Refresh Project 

This year, Seattle Public Schools is working on a school technology project to refresh our audio and visual (A/V) equipment.  

A/V equipment includes classroom electronic equipment that supports student learning, such as classroom and school microphones, projectors, and speakers.  

Our district prioritizes end user feedback from those who use the equipment. This winter and spring, the project team is conducting needs assessment and user experience engagement with students, educators, and classroom volunteers. This feedback provides the basis of the project requirements. It will help us ensure we understand the A/V needs for our classrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, libraries, theaters, conference rooms and other learning spaces. 


  • January-May 2023: Complete needs assessments 
  • May-September 2023: Assess available technology solutions in a competitive process 
  • September 2023: Introduce proposals for approval to SPS leadership 
  • 2024-25 School Year: Begin rollout to schools 

How is the A/V Refresh Funded? 

The new equipment is funded by the Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics Capital Levy V (BTA V). Because this fund is specifically allocated to build or maintain capital assets, it can’t be used for operating expenses. The salary and benefits of most employees are paid from the general fund. Voters approved the BTA V Levy in 2022 with nearly 80% voting yes. Learn more about school levies.  

Project Responsibilities 

  • Identifying the A/V requirements to support authentic teaching and learning engagement with students.  
  • Ensuring inclusion and a diverse representation across departments and content areas for participation. 
  • Assessing technology solutions to competitively acquire and implement a fiscally responsible solution that will meet the district’s needs now and in the future. 

Ensuring Equitable Access 

SPS is committed to our vision to prepare our graduates for college, career, and community. Our technology planning continues to focus on equitable access and best practices for implementing emerging teaching and learning technologies. 

We have a commitment to foster an environment where all students, regardless of their race, have the opportunity to achieve. This means differentiating resource allocations, within budgetary limitations, to serve students with the support and opportunities they need to succeed academically. This commitment is in alignment with Board Policy 0030: Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity and our strategic plan, Seattle Excellence. 

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