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Texting with Talking Points

Summary: TalkingPoints is a two-way multilingual family engagement platform helping teachers and families to stay connected via text message.

TalkingPoints allows families to quickly communicate with teachers and school staff 

Seattle Public Schools is invested in ensuring all families have access to timely, important messaging in their home language via TalkingPoints. 

TalkingPoints is a two-way multilingual family engagement and communication tool helping SPS teachers, staff and families to stay connected via text message.

Through the platform, SPS families can quickly and easily message teachers and school staff from their phone. The central district office also sends important reminders and updates.   

TalkingPoints is a simple and handy tool that makes communication accessible to every family. Messages sent through the platform can be automatically translated into 110-plus home languages, which removes language, access, and technology barriers.   

Are you using TalkingPoints?  

Have a question about your student’s homework? Need to know when the next choir concert is? Use TalkingPoints to ask teachers and school staff these types of questions and more!  

Families are automatically signed up to receive district and school text messages through the phone number(s) provided to SPS when their student(s) enrolled for classes.

Families also have the option to download the mobile application or use the online application to communicate with teachers or school staff.  


If for some reason you are not receiving messages, please follow the steps in the getting started guide or visit the TalkingPoints help center for more information.

If you have unsubscribed from TalkingPoints and would like to receive messages again, you’ll need to contact your student’s teacher to receive the phone number to rejoin their class.

Additional TalkingPoints resources

What is TalkingPoints?

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